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DIY Lazy Food Hacks EVERY Person Should Know!

Hello there I’m Natalie and I love food mmm food and I were practically homies, pals, besties, I mean… lovers. Shhhh don’t tell Denis, Hey, I heard that Raise your hand if you’re in a committed relationship with food. I know I am. I’m gonna show you my go-to lazy food hacks That’s gonna make your life a lot easier! hold up I’m doing a huge giveaway where I’m giving one lucky subscriber a youtube starter pack Which includes the best camera microphone and mini tripod to basically say, thank you guys for being a part as family I love you guys I challenge you guys to get this video 200,00 thumbs up To basically say lazy people run the world who run the world these people we run the world Lazy people we wouldn’t the world lazy people I dare you to turn this to rest by clicking below and giving this video a thumbs Up I wanna give a huge shout out to Lila for watching my videos. Thank you so much virtual kisses for you girl If you want a shout out in my next video all you have to do is subscribe to Natalie’s Outlet right here by clicking that Subscribe button and making sure you turn on post notifications by clicking on that little bell. That’s it just click It don’t be lazy and once you do those two things just comment below hashtag nanofication squad And if you are here within the first 30 minutes that every video goes live I might pick one of you so make sure you Don’t forget I post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday and over on my Instagram check it out because I’m doing a massive giveaway giving my favorite Things to you, Polaroid makeup stationery basically Natalie’s essentials to you. Let’s get on to the video This food hack is for my pizza lovers comment below what type of pizza is your favorite I’m a fan of mozzarella stuff cheese anyway So if you’re an impatient person and you’ve got two pizzas that you have to bake but you only happen to have one tray or Your oven is just a little tiny I’m going to show you this hack on. How you can bake two pizzas at the same time All right, so this is pizza number one You can see both of my pizzas don’t fit in here So I’m gonna show you a hack on how you can make them both magically so what we’re gonna Do is take them out of the package? We’re gonna cut our first takes it down the middle just like that Okay, first piece of cut yummy yummy pizza Yummy, yummy pizza cutting our second one down the middle just like we did with the first as you can see we have two Pizzas cut in half now what you’re gonna Do is you’re to place one on one side like this the other one on this side like this and then the last two You’re gonna place them right here That’s how you’re do it! All the pizza is inside of the tray And it will be nice and crunchy and toasty and delicious and now all there’s left to do is to place it in the oven Let’s go, and now our pizza is done check it out. It’s crispy. It’s crunchy It looks amazing and every single piece is completely cooked. I’m gonna take a piece and enjoy it Cheers I am a strong girl, but I’m not the strongest girl, and I always struggle when I’m home alone And I have to open up these jars I’m just like wrapping the thing trying to open it hurting myself giving myself blisters. Whenever I’m struggling I tend to just kind of whip out a towel or anything like that But all it really does is just strain my hand you see that right now, Look at that. And it just like slides It doesn’t really work that well so somebody Dennis actually taught me this really cool hack that will help you not to have to strain yourself! All you have to do is use some Oven mitts yes, but these in particular have this really nice grip like so and all you’re gonna Do is basically put your oven mitts on, twist it around and they’ll open up No effort this is amazing as well if you’re someone like me that constantly has your hands moisturized, and then everything slipping around And that’s it you’ll thank me for this one I love mango, but peeling a mango. I do not love and I’m gonna show you a really quick hack on How you can peel this mango without the mess all you’re gonna need is a cup It’s super super simple all you’re gonna Do is cut the mango as you normally would, be careful kids, So now typically you would cut the mango like a different pieces But how do you get all that good stuff out of there take the cup and you’re gonna scoop the mango right out are you ready for this? Check it out no mango left on this all the mango meat is in here very nice this stuff Gone look at my hand. It’s not dirty at all you love mangoes come here. Have a piece, Dennis the cameraman This next hack is an amazing lunch packing snack especially if you have like a lot of different things going on like ranch and carrots or crackers and cheese or Fruits and yogurt. I’m going to show you a really simple hack all you’re gonna need is a mason jar This is literally my favorite way that I used to pack my school lunches It’s in one simple place one mason jar and then I’m gonna show you how you could use This in multiple ways and add some Greek yogurt to the bottom of this, okay That’s more than enough, then taking one of these little fruit packs So you could actually pack your own fruit into this cuz these kind of fruits are a little sugary so then I could either save The fruit for later, and then taking this little cup I’m gonna add berries. It’s pretty much anything I would like to add to my Greek yogurt strawberry Then one of these I’ll have my cute little berries and then and the other one I’m gonna have some cereal And I think this is just a really easy on-the-go breakfast snack in case you’re running late for school or for work And I need to seal it and there you go you have your granola your yogurt and your fruits super simple quick snack DIY lunch idea right here Oh Slowly falling don’t play with your food kids So for this hack we have a coffee maker and we have some pancake mix and some oil And you might be saying how did these three fit together? How does a coffee maker and Pancake mix come into one? If you are somewhere where you don’t have a stove or maybe you live like in a dorm room You’re in college. You’re on vacation and the Airbnb just doesn’t have a stove I don’t know. I’ve been to places like that all you have to do is Bam! that is your new stove, so I’m gonna show you we’re gonna press this button right here Which yours will probably look a little different. I’m gonna put on medium [Put it on high] All right I’m gonna put it on high so the first step is to boil some water to make sure that it’s still hot we already did That be very careful with this hack. Okay. This is like a last resort kind of hack if you don’t have a stove It’s not something I recommend But I have tried it all you’re gonna do is pour a little bit of you know some oil in there And then… The pancake mix!! Let the waiting game begin you can see the little heat waves You know it’s ready once it starts to bubble Check it out it has cooked It’s not fully cooked But this is just to give you a little example If you wait a little bit more time you would see that it would start to get brown and nice and there you go you Got some pancakes. I’m gonna make some more It’s been about three to four minutes as you can see the pancake is now having the little pops It’s almost ready to be flipped There you go, okay, so obviously it’s not perfect but the hack works and again if you don’t have a stove Or if you’re in a dorm room all you need is your coffee. That’s it wait. Don’t go yet I just ordered pizza for us homies right here. We’re gonna share a slice. Oh you don’t like to share a slice Oh, that’s okay. I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did make sure you give a huge thumbs up also
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