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Cute Dinner Time With Kitties

Cute Dinner Time With Kitties

Claire: Hello, DD? Claire: Were you waiting for me? Did you just hear DD’s purring? Whenever I hear it after a long day,
I always feel relieved. I feel like today was somehow not a bad day. After work, I got home the first thing I do is getting ready for kitties’ dinner. LuLu: Meow LuLu: Meow LuLu: Meow LuLu: Meow LuLu always makes me in a hurry. He never stops meowing until he gets his dinner. Every time before the meal,
LuLu, LaLa, and I run the hallway. We haven’t done any exercises for the day. So, it is necessary for all three of us. Or, I’m the only one
who really need an exercise in our home. Fast-eating kitties. Slow-eating kitty. And food picky kitty. DD, try some. Want a cat treat, not dry food? Once they finish the dinner,
then, my turn finally come. Today’s dinner is spaghetti. First, I put my IPad on my new soft creamy IPad stand. Then, turn on “Italian Gardens”
which I’ve been watching these days. At last, I’m ready to have dinner. Couple of days ago, my English teacher has asked
if I learned my English from England. This must be the reason why he asked like that. Hmm. I have watched British documentaries too many. LuLu is whining and wishing to have some,
but never. One day, I wish to travel like “Monty Don”. Sweet dreams, kitties.

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