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Are you kidding me?
That’s so rude! Ow! Smash! (GASPS) Babe! I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank. JEANA:And now we’re teaching
our friends how to prank.
This is… (JESSE READING) What’s up, guys?
Today we’re in Venice, California,
at The Terrace Cafe, and our special
guest is Lilly Singh. If you don’t know Lilly Singh, she goes by the
name Superwoman. What up, everyone?
It’s your girl, Superwoman! JEANA:
She’s a comedian, an actress,
a rapper, a blogger,
and also, she can dance.
So now we’re gonna add
one more title to
that list. Prankster. What we’ve got is
a crowded restaurant,some stunt guys,
and a superhero.
We’re gonna see
if Lilly lives up to
her name Superwoman. Let’s get it. JESSE: What up? What up, peeps.
How are you? What’s up? Nice to see you. You too. My favourite people. So, welcome to
thePrank Academy.Thank you. JESSE: And we’re
not pranking you. Are you sure? Because I have,
like, my guard way up!
Way up! JESSE: No, we’re not
pranking you, I promise. JEANA: Yeah, you don’t
have to worry. Today, you’re gonna
be a superhero. Nice. We also have a really
big surprise for you but we’re not
gonna say it just yet. Okay. Have you ever
been in any fights? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve ever been
in a fist fight, actually. You’re gonna be hitting
a whole bunch of things. Like, for real? JESSE: You’re gonna
be fighting. All right,
let me show you what we got.
Let’s check this out. This is our stunt
guy, Ryan. He’s one
of the four stunt guys. Hi, how are you?
Nice to meet you. We got a whole
restaurant full of people that think they’re
shooting a commercial
for this restaurant. Okay. But what’s really
gonna happen is we got four stunt guys
that are gonna cause a huge ruckus and fight, freak out everyone
in the restaurant, and then, you’re gonna
fly in and save the day. I’m about it! You’re gonna have to
learn to choreograph
a fight with him. Yes! Yes! So you’ll be sitting over
at this table here,
facing this way. LILLY: Okay. One of my guys is
going to be sitting at this table,
facing this way. Lou, our AD, will start
a verbal altercation with this guy
right here. JESSE:Now that Lilly
knows the details
inside the restaurant,
we head out to
the beach to teach her
the fight choreography
with the stunt men.
Oh, God! I’m so sorry! You get to live up
to your name Superwoman
today, all right? I’m ready,
I’m ready! Bam! (LILLY GRUNTING) All right, Lilly,
every superhero
needs an epic exit. Let’s show you what it is. Let’s do it. It’s not a prank, Lilly,
I promise, it’s not a prank. It’s not a prank.
It’s a prank.
No, it’s… I’m ready. Okay. Bring it out.
Bring out her surprise. (LAUGHING) So you have to
ride off on a horse. JESSE:The room is all set up,
so we’re gonna take Lilly
through her final steps
before she kicks ass.
So everybody’s
in the restaurant, they all think
they’re here for
a commercial. Are you nervous? Kind of. We’re gonna be
helping you along the way. JEANA: But you have to
put this in your ear. It will enable us
to be able to speak
to you while you’re out there. Okay. We’ll be watching the whole
action right here. All right. JESSE: And seeing
what’s going on. But you also have
three objectives
that you have to complete to pass the
Prank Academy.
All right, what are they? So your first objective
is to get involved
with the fight. Your second objective
is to kick some ass. And your third objective
is to make an epic exit. I’m ready. You’re gonna kill it. Are you ready? Are you ready? JESSE: I’m nervous for you. I know how
nerve-wracking it is to
get out there and do this. Honestly, I just think
y’all should grab some popcorn and just watch the magic
that’s about to happen. Kill it! Kill it! Thank you so much. I’m gonna kill it. JEANA:The stunt men
are in place,
the restaurant is filled up,and we’ve turned
our horse into a unicorn,
Lilly’s favourite.
JESSE:All right, grab a seat.
Grab a seat, girl.
I’m nervous for her.
I’m nervous for her. I know she can
probably hear me
right now, but…All right, Lilly,
we’re about to do this.
Relax, you’re
a good prankster, girl. You got this.
You’re a badass
super woman! We’re about to do this!These are all
breakaway glasses, right?
JEANA:Yeah.Oh, my God,
it’s about to happen. Here we go. JEANA:Just act normal,
like you’re just there,
part of the restaurant
and stuff.
All right, send Lou in,
send Lou in, send Lou in. Guys, we’re gonna
go in a minute. Can I just ask everybody
to shut your cell phones off or turn them to
vibrate, please. Dude. Dude, shut your
cell phone off, please. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Or just turn
it to vibrate. If you need to keep
it on, I understand. (SIGHS) Please put that
cell phone away.
We’re getting ready to go. Relax, relax. Dude, please,
I need you to put
the cell phone away. Getting ready to go. I got it. We’re not even
shooting yet. We’re not even
shooting yet. All right, everybody,
we’re getting ready to go. Dude, put your
cell phone away. I got it, I got it. You’re not even (BLEEP)
rolling the cameras yet.
Relax. JESSE:Oh, my God,
look at that dude.
He’s like, “What’s going on?”Don’t put your (BLEEP)
hands on me. This guy… Look at this guy.
Look at this guy. This guy. He’s already watching. He’s already suspect. He’s in the
perfect spot. JESSE:All right,
Lilly, start looking around
and acting concerned
’cause they’re arguing.Dude, you gonna be
professional? Can we get somebody else?
I want this guy… Can I get
somebody else? Seriously. Let me get (BLEEP)
somebody else.
You’re out of here. No, you’re out of here. Come on, man. You’re out of here. Just shoot your
(BLEEP) shit. LOU: Get me somebody else.
I need somebody else. KIERAN: Dude, seriously. LOU: Get out of here.
You’re done. All right, get ready.
Oh, my God. JESSE:Lou is going to
start the fire.
I’m gonna stay here,
I’ll be quiet,
I’ll do my shot. LOU: Dude, get (BLEEP) Everybody’s looking. I need you to
step off the set
right now, okay? You had your chance.
You’re done. KIERAN: No. LOU: You’re done!
Get out of here. I’m worried about
the security guard.I think this guy’s
about to do something.
LOU: Get the (BLEEP)
Dude, seriously? I need you to get
the (BLEEP) out of here. Oh, no, the
security guard. Dude, I need you
to get the (BLEEP) You serious? KIERAN: You gonna put
your hands on me? Calm down. KIERAN: You gonna put
your hands on me? Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!
The security guard’s coming. Hey, take your (BLEEP)
hands off me, man. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Calm down!
What are you doing? Jesus (BLEEP) Christ, man! KIERAN: Want some of this?
Come on. JESSE:Somebody send
Lou in. Send Lou in.
Don’t let him stop it.
Get the security guy.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Hit him with the chair!
Hit him with the chair! Oh, my God! Calm down! Calm down! (LAUGHING) Calm down!
What are you doing? (BLEEP) careful, man! Get out of here! The plate, the plate. Oh, my God,
I can’t believe
this is happening. What’s wrong with you? You’re just (BLEEP)
everybody with shit! Commit. Do it hard. Are you crazy
or something? Are you crazy? Get out of here!
What’s wrong with you? Oh! Get out of here! (IN SLOW MOTION)
Get out of here! JEANA:Oh, my God,
that woman is
totally freaked out.
What’s wrong with you? JEANA:Shit.(BLEEP) All right, Lilly,
say, “My work here
is done,” and leave. My work here is done. JEANA:Lilly,
ride off on the unicorn.
That was so good. The unicorn.
The unicorn. Look how pretty. Dude, you all right? She (BLEEP) hit me
with a chair, dude. Bro, she just rode off
on a (BLEEP) unicorn, man. Should we go out there? MAN: Yeah, you should go. All right, all right.
Come on. Hey, everybody. So, we’re filming a show
calledPrank Academy.So, yeah…
They were stunt guys.
This was all a prank. JEANA: There’s no commercial. You were about to
step in. I saw that. Hey, man. I was really
worried about you. And I saw you
tried to stop Lilly.
That was really funny. Calm down! (JEANA AND
hit with a chair.
I saw that. Thank you so much. (APPLAUSE) Lilly, you
freaking killed it. Yes. Yes, you got some
awesome reactions. And how did it feel
to be riding a unicorn? It felt like I’ve
never felt more at home.
Like, that is my home. So when you walked out,
you didn’t even realise we had an actual
unicorn costume
for the horse. No, I had no idea.
But you know what
the thing is? It just felt so right. Even though I’d
never seen him before, I’m like, “This makes sense,
this makes sense.” Awesome. Were you surprised? I was so surprised.
All my dreams came
true today. Thank you. You’re welcome.
You’re welcome. I wanted your
dreams to come true. Yay, I’m so happy.
It was so much fun. I beat up bad guys,
jumped on a unicorn,
and rode away. I mean, that’s instantly
added to my bucket list
and ticked off. Awesome. So, this is
thePrank Academy,and we have to
give you your grade. Okay, okay. JEANA: Your first objective
was to get involved with
the fight. Second, you had to
kick some ass. And third,
make an amazing exit. So Jeana and I are
just gonna have a little
conversation to see… Okay, cool, cool.
I’m gonna stand
right here. No, no, no, no.
You can wait over there. All right. (INDISTINCT WHISPERING) What the (BLEEP) She didn’t really, um… (IN SLOW MOTION)
Get out of here! What’s wrong with you? You know,
the security guy got… That… Okay, good,
that’s all right. All right, Lilly,
so we had a little
conversation over here about your grade at
thePrank Academy.And we both have
decided that you passed
thePrank Academy.Good job, Lilly.
You are now
a YouTube prankster. Thank you. Yes! Good job, Lilly.
You did an excellent job.
You made it so believable. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Y’all killed it. We killed it. Thank you for having me. Good job. The best, the best. Boom. All right, thank y’all
for watching the
Prank Academy.
If you enjoyed
this episode, smash
the thumbs-up button. A special
thank you to Lilly
for coming through and saving the day. And we’ll see
you all next time
onPrank Academy.Peace! MAN: Okay, one more. Can I do it? Ow! I want a mug, wait. No, no, that hurt. (GASPS) Oh, my God. It was all a joke. Ow! That actually hurt. You douchebag!

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