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Chinese Restaurants Caught Putting Opium Powder in Food | China Uncensored

Chinese Restaurants Caught Putting Opium Powder in Food | China Uncensored

Wow, how do make such great noodles? Shh…Ancient Chinese secret. My sister. Some hotshot! Here’s her ancient Chinese secret. Opium poppy powder. Opium poppy powder contains traces of morphine
and codeine, for that satisfied post-hotpot feeling. It’s guaranteed to keep you coming back
for more. Ancient Chinese secret, huh? Well, ok. Ancient British secret. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. You know, it was the ancient Greek physician
Hippocrates who famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be
thy food.” Well, that’s actually the way traditional
Chinese medicine looks at food, too. But I don’t think they had this in mind. “35 restaurants are in trouble with the Chinese government after adding that special something to their dishes. The secret ingredient was ground poppy powder.” Poppy powder. You know, the stuff that’s used to make morphine, opium
and heroin. Now I know why Kung Fu Panda couldn’t stop eating. Suddenly MSG doesn’t seem so bad. Five of these restaurants in China are already
being prosecuted, while the other 30 are still under investigation. The restaurants range from noodle shops and
dumpling joints, to one of the most popular Beijing hotpot
chains. Now it’s unclear how effective it is in these
doses, but some cooks believe adding ground poppy
powder can get customers hooked on their food. Cooks? More like crooks. I mean, can you imagine adding a potent narcotic
just to sell your product? Anyway, I believe we have footage from inside
one of these restaurants in Chongqing. Something with poison in it I think. Poppies. Poppies.” Now this isn’t the first time this has happened. According to the Guardian, a noodle seller was busted for this in 2014, seven restaurants were closed in 2012, and 215 restaurants were shutdown in 2004. C’mon, people. Don’t you know that China’s Food Safety Law
forbids businesses from selling food made with “nonfood materials
or chemicals”? Like melamine in milk. Or heavy metals in rice. The problem is, according to a professor from China Agricultural
University, “There are so many restaurants in China, and it is very difficult to effectively inspect
every one of them to ensure they all follow the law.” That’s the funny thing, in a country without the rule of law, you have a hard time getting people to follow
the law. Plus, all the government’s inspection resources are busy spying on China’s 700 million Internet
users. Now, China seems to frequently suffer from
horrendous food scandals. Ground poppy seeds that may or may not do
anything are really the least of the country’s worries. Toxic bean-sprouts. Glow-in-the-dark meat. Exploding watermelons. Well the list really goes on. And on. It’s even affected Western companies operating
in China. A Shanghai-based supplier was giving unsanitary
expired chicken meat to, among others, Starbucks, KFC, and McDonalds. Many China social commentators say it comes
from a society pushing to get rich quick, without really thinking of the long-term consequences. Case in point, basing your country’s energy resources around
coal. So what do you think? And if you’ve been to China, go to the China Uncensored Facebook page now
and leave a comment or post a video about the craziest food experience you’ve
had in mainland China. I may even feature the best stories in one
of my videos. Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next

  • I currently live in Chengdu, China and many local people know about the problems, but simply don't care. The biggest problem I have encountered so far is the "gutter oil". One street vendor even gave me the choice to cook my noodles in cheap or "good" oil. Of course I asked why he offers the cheap oil at all and got as a reply that it is very cheap since it is recycled oil. But he feels bad about offering it since it is very unhealthy, so he also offers regular oil. People will not buy his noodles if his initial price is higher that the stall next to him, so he needs to offer the "gutter oil".

  • ah shit! So that's why I freaked out at those frigging freaks serving me dishes all freaked out and shit at me… mofos! So now I know, now I know. Only in mofo china/commie/town/party/function/house/unit/shoebox/.

  • Nope. China censored isn't bias to be pro-USA and anti-china. That, unless you are "quick" enough to catch the subliminal elements :P. Did I say somewhere something about once you become a comedian, you will never get cured :P.

  • Some video one explained how the chinese police works. With is a sort of "no harm no foul" policy. So if a couple of these waves happen…….over a country THAT big. I guess there was a moment of harm. Unless it was run by a member of the CCP. Then it was obvious a power struggle :P. Practical advice…..if you visit china, leave the country regularly to detox your body from the chinese kitchen every so much time. 😉

  • What I am thinking? What I am thinking is this. Would there be an actual potential market for a business that does nothing than import foreign food in china, just to feed all foreigners that are living and staying in china?

  • Adding adictive stuff to food and drink si nothing new companies all over the globe do that. Let us just take 2 examples sugar and caffeine. But plenty more.

  • These restaurants which went out of business forget to pay to Communist party government. It's not a kidding.

  • Good shut them down !!!people get offensive!!! hey this is a facts ok !!! If you don't his channel why you here!!!

  • Wow you think this guy is biased No way No he's just merely a talking head has no idea what he is saying They just Give him a Script And he reads it . For instance coal-fired electrical plants have scrubbers where if they have those scrubbers they will not polluted at all No hypocrisy in this is that they care enough about the people eating the addictive food and not about them all dying from lung cancer Which of course makes me question this whole Story . It is more likely that the local commissars didn't get paid enough to look the other way .

  • For your information. Almost every Asian dish out there in this shitty world uses some sort of opium. So it doesn't really matter. If you're complaining about opium on dishes, then don't eat them.

    It's tradition, and we'll never change it.

  • ohhh…. guess who introduced opium to China?
    I am asking that to all anti-chinese users. None country in the world can save himself from his past .

  • i went there 8 years ago got some pics of outside dog restaurants and an alligator being chopped will still alive, nothing special just the normal stuff

  • isnt this where the expression being "Munged out" – the feeling when you are stoned comes from ? mmm Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

  • what about poppy seeds on mc evild's burgers. we still dont know if they had eyes in them. what about floride. how about killing generations of inocent fetus because of floride. poppy powder is growned up plant matter. opium is latex formed from a living plants pod. the pods are poked with holes. then the latex drips out just like syrup. but its latex. its really hard to dry it. and the idea of that powder in my noodles compared to a chemical designed to clean your teeth in my water. i dont drink tooth paste. i think this person either thinks they are super smart making a video that going to change peoples minds or open it and make people think what you think or just bad propaganda put together so sloppy my kid could do better. for the first people are not going to change their minds. also do more research cause if you want to open peoples minds show them things they are being poisend with daily. how about water. for the second if your just doing propaganda then this shows how stupid people really can be if this is how bad our propaganda has gotten.

  • This is probably a state sponsored drug program, meant to keep the people dopey and hooked on food cooked in china.

  • I can't respect a disgusting place like China. Dirty, sneaky and reckless behavior. Not to mention the overfishing, the culling of dolphins, shark fin soup for cancer or libido. And, of course, the wonderful markets where stolen dogs are in cages waiting to be picked out by some sick bastard for lunch. They are Skinned alive and boiled as a delicacy, and we are all shocked at the possibility of opium being used?

  • OMFG do they STILL air that wacist Calgon laundry commercial!?! HILARIOUS. Ok top secret.
    Hot shot is when you give someone a enough heroin to kill them. Because drug dealers are murderers. Ancient Chinee Seeclit

  • The scandalous opium-dosed food, firstly found in the hot-pots in the low level restaurants, roadside booths in even earlier cases, that poor Sichuan people were attracted and frequented because they tasted bizarrely "good", are not thousand year old or anywhere close to "ancient secret ingredients". They have happened just since 1990s when Deng's "market economy" took effect to average Chinese people, suddenly "untied to make money", nevertheless with very little, chaotic, sometimes contradictory and even obsolete laws and regulations. After multiple government raids over years, the scandal then catches up recently as the reflection to the uncertainty, panic, helplessness and anger against the rising cost, currency inflation, ridiculously rare housing opportunity, fleeing elite class and the wealthy, insufficient welfare system, broken social ladder, polluted water and smog, and so much more…. where long term development and honest entrepreneurship don't seem a priority any more. It happens not only in food, but across the businesses. Sad times, really.

  • U guys are fucking retarded you have to process the poppy latex to get drugs you eat poppy seeds and those are the same thing u guys are idiots

  • The Kung Fu Panda bit implies that opiates give one the munchies, when in fact it is completely the opposite. Did you really used to be journalists? If you really want to poke holes in China's propaganda machine you cannot be this sloppy.

  • Walmart Wuhan I saw discounted meat that was, without any doubt at all rotten, It was different shades of green in some parts black

  • China's not so bad after all. Unfortunately, we already have our own opioid epidemic here in the U.S. So, let's just keep this special sauce over there. OK?

  • i have cancer and the feds are taking my pain meds away……i just want to die with some dignity……the queen treats her pain with opium and she's like a 100……i just don't understand……..whats the problem???the CIA isn't getting thier cut???

  • "Sure, the poppy seeds you buy at the store contain between 0.5 to 10 micrograms of morphine per gram, but a dose of medically-prescribed morphine contains anywhere between 5,000 to 30,000 micrograms. "

  • Does anyone remember the news story a few years ago, in which a Chinese restaurant owner in Kentucky dragged a road kill deer right through the front door of his restaurant and right past customers who were eating?  Here is that news article:

  • Chris, you are really betraying your age if you remember that 1970s Calgon detergent commercial that cited "ancient Chinese secret."  Of course, I am too betraying my age by also remembering it.

  • I think the chinese race cannot be redeemed anymore. I think the best thing to do is take all the baby chinese and raise them with proper values, then obliterate the remaining chinese.

  • Chinese people are filthy dirty cunts here in Australia we hate em our government now is booting me out and confiscated land houses business etc they buy fuck off pay no tax and no Chinese government can buy or invest in any thing here and there pissed lol

  • This reminded me of that anime cooking master boy. There was that episode where a lady put opium in the noodles

  • Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food.
    I eat Foxglove leaves daily to prevent heart disease.
    I will live to age 111.

    I have never been vaccinated, because I am a Doctor & have read over 2,000
    studies on the disorders vaccines cause, especially the Flu vaccine.

    It is loaded with mercury.
    Mercury is a toxic metal.

    This is becoming one of the most important scientific advances
    in the world.
    China's leaders are based in SCIENCE. SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM.

    Big Pharma is going down fast in China.

    Dr. Paul Kangas, ND, is running for the SF Board of Education.
    I urge all Bernie activists to run for the School Boards nationwide.

    Here is a great second opinion Doctor 877-912-7529
    Call 1pm daily, SF time.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

    I never saw that in medical school either.

    The HHS has now said, "The CDC needs to do a comparison study of all
    vaccines before they are allowed to be injected."

    60 essential minerals daily: The best Prevention medicine
    is for women to take liquid colloidal minerals,
    containing 60 essential minerals.

    I am so glad I was born before vaccines became the "standard".
    I was born in 1940.

    Dr. Paul Thompson, MD

    Mass Demonstrations across China against rabies vaccines.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    This protest against vaccines will just grow larger & larger across China & US.
    Using Block chain to fight censorship

  • Sounds like a great idea. When you get a tummy ache – you have already taken the painkiller and can sleep well while diarrhearing all night in bed.

  • The opium poppy and the breadseed poppy are ONE AND THE SAME FLOWER (Papaver somniferum). Opium comes from the gooey "latex" liquid in the seed pod, NOT from the seeds themselves. This video is BOGUS AS HELL.
    Why is Youtube full of crap now? I wish they had the staff to remove half of these nonsense videos. Youtube is now the INQUIRER tabloid of Internet videos.

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