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Chinese Restaurant Prank #2: Shocking Chinese People With Fluent Chinese

We’re doing pranks today. We’re setting people up. I’m going to be speaking in Japanese. Which I normally do here in Japan and just suddenly switch to Chinese. And see what these people at the Chinese restaurants do. And I wanna see if I can get a fortune cookie. Alright, let’s go. No fortune cookies. Are you surprised? I’m not surprised. I knew that. But I’m seeing that the older people and the people from Dongbei (the Northeast) are reacting the most. And everyone in China knows that the people in the Northeast are like the comedians of the country. So, I gotta find more of those guys. And I really wish you had seen the Japanese people that were standing behind me. I just looked at the footage and you can’t see them, but they were freaking out, they were like “What is going on?” So, fun day. And I promise to make some more. I’m making a lot of videos. I don’t normally make this many, but you asked me for it. So, if you want more I’ll make more. Just subscribe and press like and I’ll keep doing this. Alright, see you next time.

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