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Chicago’s Best Kid Friendly: Iron Horse Ale House

Chicago’s Best Kid Friendly: Iron Horse Ale House

(upbeat music) – Growing up, as a kid,
adults are always telling you, ‘not to play with your food.’ Well Angela found us a
place in Norwood Park that absolutely encourages it. (laughter) And it’s not just the kids
that get to let loose, oh no, Mom and Dad are here
for a good time too. (rock music) So I am enthused
already to be here, sitting with a beer in
hand, a couple good reasons. One being that I love beer. And two, it gives me a
little calming influence before the craziness
of the small people. What are they called again? – Kids?
– Kids, thank you! – We are family-friendly. Parents can come in,
have a glass of wine, maybe a classic cocktail. The kids can come sit
at the pizza counter, chefs will give them a
little roll of dough, they can press it out,
put it in the oven. Get them off the iPad and
the iPhone for a little bit. – Small kids love
to go to the counter and get their dough. And it’s a good 30 minutes
that parents can sit, and have their drinks and relax. – When the pizza’s ready, we
all sit at the table together and eat delicious pizza. – So, everyone gets a good time? – Everybody gets a good time. – So what would be a good pizza
that we could make tonight? – We have some Artisan pizzas, and tonight we’re gonna
work on an arugula pizza. – I love the pizza. I
like the dough, the crust. – I like the crust. – You like the crust? – The crust. – First of all,
I wanna make sure that they’re paying
you good money. Are they paying you good
money for babysitting me? – They didn’t say
nothing about the money, but I think we’ll be okay. – [Elliott] All right, so
we’re gonna make pizza dough! – Pizza dough, yes. (rock music) Now we are gonna
mix a little bit. – Done?
– Yes. – That was quick! I’m gonna tell my parents that you’re my
favorite babysitter. – They’ll give me more money? – Yeah, oh yeah. Definitely next time, money. – For now, we are gonna
mix all of this together for nine minutes. – Nine minutes? I’m gonna leave the
kitchen for a minute. Can you hold that for a second? – Cheers (chuckles). – If they’re making
dough next to you, and you don’t like it, you
can just throw flour on them. What’s the most fun part
about coming to Iron Horse? – Doing this. – Flour fight! Flour fight! So when Mom and Dad say,
“Where do you wanna go “out to eat tonight?” What do you say? – Usually McDonalds. – My work here is done. All right thank you,
thank you, Antonio. – You’re welcome. – That’s about nine
minutes, right? – I think, yes. – All right, let’s
get this dough out. (bright upbeat music) It’s time to load
up some ingredients. – Two ounces of
garlic cream sauce. – Garlic cream sauce? – Oh its bechamel
cream with garlic. – Yeah it is. – Shredded mozzarella,
little bit of Parmesan cheese with oregano. We are gonna wait
for four minutes. And when it is ready,
we are gonna cut it and put some arugula on top. – I can’t be here for that. That’s vegetables. Kids don’t eat vegetables. – I’m fired? – I don’t know, let’s
see what happens. – All right. (upbeat music) – I would give Antonio
five out of five stars for babysitting duties. (laughter) (upbeat music) That is great. Good balance, chewy,
gooey, full of cheese. It’s a great pizza. – The garlic sauce as opposed
to a traditional red sauce, you can smell it
oozing from the pizza. – It has a slightly lighter
texture and flavor to it. – Yeah, it’s a little different and it’s got a healthy twist
to it, supposedly, with arugula. – What makes you Chicago’s
Best kid-friendly restaurant? – It’s all about the ambiance. It’s a wide open room. A lot of neighborhood people, this neighborhood is
all about families. You can bring your kids and
enjoy yourself as a family. Break some bread and
have some great pizza. – [Elliott] Thank you, Kevin. – Welcome back anytime. Cheers. (rock music)

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