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Bubbles and Jerome profess their love for each other | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Bubbles and Jerome profess their love for each other | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Lola, Lolo, Sir Jerome
and Sir Billy are here. – Dalisay. Lola Flora.
– Jerome! Thank goodness you’re safe. How are you? I’m okay now, Lola Flora. Sir Jerome… I thought you weren’t
coming anymore. I won’t miss this
for anything. I really missed
Lola Flora’s cooking. Sir… Was Lola Flora’s cooking
the only thing you missed? What about Gummy Bear? You guys never change. Let’s go inside. Bubbles, can you find
a seat for them, please? Okay. Come on. Let’s go inside. Bubbles, Sir Jerome’s
still injured. Come in. You should sit there, sir. Don’t be shy. Come in. That hurt! – You okay, sir?
– Hey, sir! Yeah, I’m fine now. – Sir! You alright?
– Yeah, I’m good. I hope Bubbles and Sir Jerome
can finally talk things out. – Have a seat.
– Thanks, Bubbles. Ladies and gentlemen! Mommies, Daddies,
Aunties, and Uncles! The whole barangay,
we invite you to eat here at Kap & Kon’s
Eat, Sing, and Drink! Yeah! Eat, sing, and
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Perfect! And I believe we have
a guest today! Isn’t that fabulous? Our guest is the unbeatable,
the unsinkable, and will surely be re-elected! Chairman Bart Bulaan! And I thank you! Eat! Eat! Sing! Sing! Eat! Eat! Sing! Sing! Bubbles… Can we talk? Sure. About what? About what I said
earlier that… …that I’m okay. The truth is, Bubbles… I was so afraid. Why, Sir Jerome?
Is there a problem? What if… that bullet didn’t just
graze me in Sapang Bato? It just got me thinking. We have a lot of
missions ahead of us. What if next time
I won’t be as lucky? What’s wrong with you? Why are you saying that?
Stop thinking that. I don’t want to
waste this chance… to ask for your forgiveness. Bubbles, I’m sorry. For what? For how I reacted when you
told me about your condition. It’s okay. What’s important to me now
is my baby’s future. Bubbles… Can I be your partner
in raising your baby? Bubbles, I shouldn’t have– I shouldn’t have been selfish. I should have supported
you from the start. When you told me the truth, I should have embraced you,
not abandoned you. I hope I’m not too late,
Bubbles. I hope you can forgive me.
I still love you. I love you too, Sir Jerome. Thank you, Bubbles. Thank you. Oh my! I didn’t expect we’d be
having a triple celebration. We’re celebrating the grand
opening of Flora’s Garden, the victory of
Task Force Agila… …and the possible beginning of a beautiful love story
between two hearts. I hope this will last forever! Of course it will! Where else would this lead to
other than a special… Kiss! Here it comes! Wait! My parents are here! Mama! Congratulations, dear! – You’re right on time!
– Good afternoon, everyone. – Love.
– Cardo. Pa. Hello, thanks for coming. We saw the news about
your operation, Cardo. Congratulations to you
and Task Force Agila. – Thanks, Mister Teddy.
– Thank you, Pa. Always be careful, okay? Yes, Ma. You really have a lot
of visitors, Nay Flora. You’re right. This is really
a special occasion. Nay Flora, did Alyana cook
her special adobo? Oh, yes. I’m sure everyone will love it. I didn’t know you
prepared something, love. Yes, my adobo á la Virgie .
Try it later, okay? Of course!
I’ll try it out first. You should try my wife’s
special adobo too! Of course we will! I hope you like it. Special, just like you!

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