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Broadmoor Bistro Kicks Off Homecoming Chef Series

Broadmoor Bistro Kicks Off Homecoming Chef Series

We’re going to make a quick simple syrup. We’re gonna add this parsley. We’re gonna turn this really green. My name is Pablo Munoz and I’m the guest chef for the homecoming dinner. We’re gonna be doing a five course menu. Working with the students, teaching them
a little bit about my style about my food. You’re gonna get a half of cup of water… half a cup of sugar. The students are great. They really care and they really want to learn. I feel like it’s a really good opportunity. It really helps them hit the ground running. If they continue on and going to the culinary programs. I feel like they’ll be setup for success. I definitely give a lot of credit to Bob. I
was already in the program but I was more of a kid that didn’t really know
what he was gonna do… didn’t really care and when I started cooking with Bob he
really sparked the passion that I didn’t know I had. and then I realized that this
is something that I was really good at and I really loved to do.

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