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Broadmoor Bistro Grand Openining

Welcome to the Bistro… … can I get your reservation number? Broadmoor Bistro is a student-run restaurant we’re gonna be serving about a hundred guests. We are extremely excited. This is our new location. We have a 200 seat dining room. We have a whole new staff of students. We’ve been practicing for the last couple weeks and have a couple soft openings and tonight it’s game time. It’s one of the most amazing feelings ever because you get to just express yourself in your own way with the food you create and it’s a blast. It’s almost like a college class. Very hands-on. I think it’s really fun. I think it’s gonna help a lot when we’re out in the real world. I think that our purpose here is to expose our students to career ready skills so they’re leaving us at 16,
17, 18 years old having been with us for two years they gained a thousand hours
of restaurant experience. Yeah it’s a really good feeling to have because I know I’m gonna be able to walk out and go get a job somewhere and be successful in life.

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