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Bin Pickers- Another Goodwill Outlet Haul & Our Ebay Sales Experiment

Bin Pickers- Another Goodwill Outlet Haul & Our Ebay Sales Experiment

hi I’m G and I’m Michelle and we are the Bin Pickers guys yes another home yep I’m sorry
we’re gonna smash that like button you’re funny
I am okay yeah so we went to the Ben again yeah okay and it actually wasn’t
as good but a lot of people buy stuff from our last haul we did we must have
had some good stuff on our last haul yes it’s kind of nice and I don’t like I
love it when people email and say hey I haven’t shown this and then we can just
send it off that way I don’t have to list it I don’t have to take pictures
unless somebody asked for a picture so thank you to everybody that bought
anything from us we do really appreciate it especially since our sales have been
kind of slow our sales have been really slow on eBay so I think that we’re gonna
do today’s Friday right thanks Friday so we’re gonna do 50% off both of our
stores great closed Finds Andy deal Mart everything it’s been Pickers now we
changed it from your deal Mart a long time ago Ben picker sorry great clothes
yeah I’m like we’re gonna do pity percent off everything in both of our
stores so we’ll see if tomorrow right right and see how much stuff we sell
hopefully we sell a whole bunch of stuff then see it’s all gonna be our
experiment see if we can up some sales a little bit yeah yeah yeah so we’ll see
what happens and Poshmark you gotta take 50% off
offers and Poshmark yeah if somebody offers 50% or more I’ll take it we’ll
try sell about 50% yeah whatever we’ll see how it works
popper is I feel really bad cuz like I haven’t really been on there like share
anybody’s stuff you know and like I just like it feels so bad have you sold
anything on there at all all week so I did sell something that we actually got
returned on eBay and I’m like I’m listing it on Poshmark so I did and I
sold it that was good but other than that no b-but I haven’t really been over
there like focusing on it too much so I do apologize because some people have
been sharing my stuff and then I’m not sharing back
I’m terrible oh you’re just I know but I need to get my skin
– do it – but they’ve been really busy – yeah so so I don’t even know what we got
when we went to the bin do you know I don’t know it was like one of those
times like yesterday well we got some good this was from two times that we
went two times that we went when we went yesterday it was kind of like really
slim pickings oh but I forgot to show the best things we got I forgot to bring
home we got two gift cards we did I got a $25 Walmart gift card and then a lids
gift card which like hats kind of for $13 so actually that paid for everything
we got yesterday so if you’re at the bed and you see gift cards don’t be afraid
to pick them up like I’ll usually check the balance while I’m sitting there
waiting for them to switch out my phone and I saw the Walmart one at 25 bucks I
was like whoohoo score yeah so we find gift cards once in a while sometimes
there’s nothing ah no more there’s just a few cents or something like that but
they’re kawaii one has 25 bucks always always worth picking up if you
see them in the bin or in a purse or something like that because you might be
surprised and a gift card doesn’t weigh much so dollar nice eating a pound I
just stick him in a pocket of like something you know that we’re buying so
that I don’t lose them and then yeah so I mean I paid for it to pay for the car
the basket part we ever found was $100 Starbucks yes but that I didn’t even
mean to get it I bought a pair of pants and then I picked him up and the gift
card fell the pant after I was home already bought it I didn’t know there
was a gift card in the pants and then there was $100 on it so so we had mocha
FRAP pays for like a year straight but that was that was a long time ago we
could have sold the gift card but this way the walmart has 25 bucks tell the
kids they can each get something for five bucks
take them to Walmart pick anything you want five bucks how much well that’s
okay okay maybe get something okay well what
we got yeah we got you actually picked up a few of these New York Police
Department there were so many hats at the ban yesterday I don’t think they’re
that great or anything I mean but even if you can get eight ten bucks for yeah
and I think there were that there was a couple yeah I like hat
I actually got two of these now she actually made fun of me I’m gonna send
this out to auction this weekend I think okay so it’s a wreath right kit I mean
this is all there’s not a date on it it’s 70s or early eighties I think it is
the styrofoam is broken on this one but you could cover that up I mean somebody
could put some tape you can glue it or but this is like a needlepoint can’t I
mean this is like you could go Dollar Tree and buy this stuff you know I need
four couple you can’t buy this for the how old this is okay it’s I’m gonna try
it I’m gonna send out the auction and we’ll see what happens next Sunday we’ll
find out if I sold it or not because I did get two of them so so we got that
like he got I got one curtain and then you got a curtain and a comforter yeah
twin size comforter I think and you know some of these don’t look so great it’s
the Rainbow Brite hallmark 1983 but the colors still look really good on this
one so this I’m sure it’s a curtain right this is a curtain I think and is
that the other curtain and this is another curtain but it’s so bright like
sometimes you see these and they’re just not what’s from 1983 to so you right so
y’all because they’re really faded but this looks really good I mean for being
that old I don’t know I don’t know so there’s that and then you got this but
we’ll put it all together but I’m thinking you could probably I was gonna
throw this back and just get the curtain she said get this too
it’s a twin size comforter it does have like some you know how they made the
comforters back then they’re kind of like you know there’s like has fuzzies
on the backside I was gonna throw it back she’s like put it in what the other
so cute I I was not into Rainbow Brite when I was little but it’s still really
cute good right I mean somebody’s gonna want that for their daughter or
something maybe I would think maybe not well right now you have the comforter
and then you have the curtains that’s a good set to put on sure sure full tank
tops it’s summers coming no no it’s not the snow is coming
my mom says Snowden Michigan Snowden I guess some people are saying like in
Ohio with snowing it’s like what this is gimmicks by BKE it looks like Free
People yeah just um just the tank top just tank
top this this is a jacket when stopper of ice Marmont or something right Norma
thank you it has some like hair on it yeah I’m gonna wash it and make it oh
but it’s a month extra large extra and made in Canada so it is the more vintage
one so I’ll make sure when I list that I’ll make sure I put in the title you
know Canada so people are searching just for ones that was that made in Canada I
think so unless I can’t see this was no rough you –n well look at its $49 for
this I know but for just a shirt no I know I know what never sell for $49 we
probably get 15 maybe but maybe the cute thing on this has stars it’s kind of
like but it’s really I’m not gonna put all this summer stuff on now you know I
thought this was quite it and look this up did you look at I don’t look it up so
this is a leather bill it’s kind of a big leather bill it is it’s a poor
Crombie and made in the USA so large it’s old yeah I thought well it’s
probably 90 plus I I like hat so there were so many hats um surprised you
didn’t have more yesterday it just seemed like every bit like that I got
some more hats in here or at least one more so this is a little worn on the
back persist Beckham I guess he plays soccer
does have a few little spots on it though is it kids it must be because
says size large so it must be the lettering is funny on the back like how
funny well look how it’s but it’s Rio I mean look no I know and I just look to
the side tag it just looked different okay okay so these we wouldn’t always
pick them I mean well new Levi’s and these are size 16 this is a good
size size 16 Capri they are a boy yeah so moon mean 16 I guess there are only
36 bucks so oh really yeah not a lot of money there but but new Levi’s still
yeah anti 16 yeah what’s this Nike doesn’t like you think Tom it’s kind of
cool I always picked these up I mean these things are so light I love to get
these you know even if I got ten of them it’s probably right you know I mean yeah we did not get the Lululemon like we
picked up at the bins no we didn’t yeah yesterday when we wide it just was yeah
so I think these have been washed with something pink that’s why they’re pink
there’s a fire he says maybe they’re made that way
alright well I can see a little bit of white in here but it’s like almost the
mesh like the pink here and then like fades out I think it’s probably been
washed so we might put these in our reject box I mean lot I don’t know
because otherwise they’re nice they’re like super nice I know but this isn’t
pink at all so I don’t see you how it in size 8 they look really cute too I
that’s a lot of sheer it is pretty sheer up the lake huh so I’m gonna do some
research on those because I don’t think they’re made that way I think they were
watching something pink but maybe they were made that way
alright now I’ll figure it out some things are made weird I mean you get
pants with holes in them they’re brand new you know I mean it’s like I don’t
always get it okay I thought this is cool I don’t know how good this is this
is something I probably will send out to auction because I don’t know but it’s a
bag so someone made this I’m assuming yeah and it has the biggie tag on it
well too bad you don’t get the full pair of jeans and that means that the e is
capital I don’t know if you can see that I’m sure most people know that yeah
probably most people know that but maybe not everyone maybe not too bad these are
jeans or a jacket or a jacket but it’s a cute little tote bag but I’m gonna try
something like that and send out the auction and sometimes I’m so really good
sometimes they don’t sell for a lot but it’s cool and this is cool as well
literally cool right I love cool unfortunately these are shorts and not
pants because I do really well with the men’s pants yeah their nylon cargo pants
or shorts and I guess there’s people in Florida I mean my dad’s that was 84 the
other days sweating to death so some people are still wearing shorts but then
I thought wait it’s Florida maybe it’s not that great 84 and 98% humidity
probably yeah these are a little fuzzy there they got a big logo down the leg
down and I know what logo looks pretty nice it does they just need some deep
fuzz in a little bit and that’s what I’m gonna get you for Christmas I’m gonna
get I’m gonna get me a pair of these for Christmas now a good diffuser like we
have a little one we’ve always had that and they were sighs wait we missed it no
it’s down here medium it’s a lot of writing there I’m gonna
get you one of those ones that you can plug in like the like you can charge
them or something yeah hey didn’t we have the bra that this went to sports
room yeah well we had like yeah I think so we – sold it because we saw a lot of
those but just headband these were over in the stuff and sometimes when you
digging you’re digging through this stuff you know you find these little
there was some Under Armour ones with it and these things still sell in they’re
super light I know that actually totally goes with the other bra we got that blue
one right mmm so this is also a loose so we did get some I guess I guess this
decisive for I think this so I don’t think it’s super great condition or
anything is it not well maybe it’s a little bit on the edge but so this
doesn’t have a size dot that I saw but it had this size down here before it has
a four right here so I’m not sure what kind of what’s nice for excuse me yeah
but it’s weird because it’s like ribbed and then it has like a design up here
I’m not sure what kind of tank top that is mm-hmm
okay and when you go that Lulu fanatics and try to figure stuff out like your
eyes one like pop out of your head so I got this I know maybe I could wear it if
I can’t sell it you should wear it that’s pretty cool with the pointy
collar yeah this is on it masterbuilt it’s like 16 16 excuse me there was a
bunch of vintage stuff so this is like I saw in the cart just to be like hey look
at this vintage stuff that I got it all smelled so bad yeah it was like this
smell this didn’t snow no yeah but there was like dresses like some keywords but
they were just really smelly like I don’t think you could get that smell out
and they didn’t also they didn’t have brands or anything I just we’ve never
had luck with that this is cute huh this is a plus size Katherine’s I picked this
up I mean this is expensive as Catherine’s is part of flame Brian or
something no but I think Catherine’s is like cheaper
than waiting Brian oh it is yeah so I don’t think this is 3x
26:28 but it’s like for being plus-size actually super-lightweight yeah I don’t
know do you get these were just new they’re Coldwater Creek $59 it’s hard
it’s a hard sell like Coldwater Creek but they are size 14 and they do have a
side zip so they are you know they’re kind of a cuter pants than just like
regular you know I mean yeah cuter pant and look I finally found I
got this because I try to get you all these little nighties and all this stuff
and she won’t ever wear them and I saw this I’m like I bet she’d wear this has
roses on it and it’s cotton I think it’s cotton is it so is this oh
no it’s cotton polyester oh man she still won’t wear I’ll wear it I’ll wear
it in the winter because otherwise it’s like really sweaty to where it’s a
little bit faded this isn’t the kind of nightie I try to get her to wear but you
picked it out thanks babe I love it also it’s cotton polyester you fellow it’s
kind of faded I have to keep it this has a little string it needs to be cut off
right here I don’t know what this is I looked it up some people solemn giggle
moon giggle moon 6x it’s like so cute like these little dresses like this you
know they have like matilda jane dresses look like that stuff now check out this
Katherine’s 2x it’s a jammie top well you can wear for a top it’s good yeah
it’s like a thermal but it’s Christmassy yeah
naughty it’s a new nice no well you can wear that there you go I’ll sell it I
need to get it listed this is a cute that’s why I put it in the car and then
I realized oh it’s just hmm and then I looked it up why are we
showing in the video hmm 14 because look at how cute that is
it wasn’t a dress or it’s like a mini dress or like a tunic you can wear but I
actually like its kind oversized rose likes to wear stuff like
that so I might just let Rose have it okay cuz people were selling for like
seven bucks for those I mean it’s super cute maybe over on Poshmark I don’t know
because we don’t like to get like 3t they look a lot smaller than that no
they’re so cute but you drive I mean they even have a little running liner
inside yeah that’s they seem teeny er than that okay so this is Mountain
Hardwear they’re actually pants pant zip on to them
I did not get the pants delayed part the leg part so I’ll just sell my shorts I
think somebody might have the part like this and then they have legs you know or
whatever I can still sew huh they’d be better if they had the leg part
obviously just a little Nike shorts again lots of exercise e stuff these
must be kids too huh nice large is our girls so then no I think they’re girls
so then I’ll just double-check on here you know I’ll look up this number and
see what it says cuz they do not look like a woman’s large yeah okay what are
these something you got here there Jordan oh they’re just like sweat shorts
yeah it’s nice large so we’ll put them probably out to auction I’m putting more
option on this week more hat stuff right yeah I think we’ll do some more hats
that’s what I’m gonna be working on we sent some out last week but we have a
bunch more so we’ll probably I actually have so many hats you wouldn’t believe
me what’s this uh it was new it’s an idea I got for you and you wouldn’t wear
it so we should get this kind of stuff out yeah I think it is Linnea Donatella
this is probably good for Christmas you and I want to buy it you know you know
give it to their wife or whatever and then she won’t ever wear it maybe I’ll
wrap it up for you and then sell it after you what’s this I don’t know woman within
1416 just a cute plus size this is large so it’s a swimsuit cover-up yeah I would
guess that it probably is but I’ll look at the style number okay men’s pants I
debated on whether to get these they were $100 Joseph a bank but I think they
have buy one get one for a penny and get one they’re like buy one get 50 free not
quite always those commercials right but 3632 new men’s pants I listed those
suits out yesterday that you got yeah I don’t like it listing out suits so many
measurements on those things and then like the colors of them it’s like this
looks Brown but then wait it looks gray and then it’s like ah so I don’t want to
put what color you know I mean I would have never got the suits if they weren’t
knew what they were new so I got some I don’t know we’ll see if we sell are
these boys oh let’s see medium I think they’re men’s medium they’re kind of
like a thermally like fleecy grid fleece on the inside I love love these and you
always find these I don’t ever find any of these Nike Golf 34 super nice easy
sell right maybe not no but in about 230 dusty in here
dusty I don’t know why how I would get those excuse me what do we have here
Columbia Columbia I’m the shade sun protection I always
get these and no we don’t sell them as good as we used to and we usually like
when this in the spring well if we get them listed right away we usually will
sell them but some we didn’t list later VSX bra how we got a couple of those no
maybe not right there might be I don’t know it’s a little bit worn it has a
little bit of wear on it 34d that’s a good size right true religion
jeans they look really nice yeah yeah they do
mm-hmm 25 they’re almost like it’s kind of small right 25 yeah maybe they’re
just like a straight leg but there’s there Billy
they are darker one you’re a darker one mr. green singing mr. right oh you tell
that’s what we’ve been listening to Luke what wants to watch Grinch Grinch Grinch
Grinch okay um Honda I don’t know I don’t know what
this is I didn’t take I think it’s like if you work in Han doubt where you can
buy it you know what you think when you go to the car dealership they have like
you go there parts department is Honda factory I don’t know maybe somebody like
Honda Honda you do well I wasn’t wearing a shirt probably more new ATAG Joseph a
bank $200 wait yo what’s inside 165 on here hmm
interesting I don’t know what price you go by but
can I sell it for 25 bucks one hand I don’t know
I don’t either we’ll find out these are definitely Harry they have some hair on
earth they’re skinny legg they are right a yr 25 so those are the same size as
those other ones they seem these are like a skinny though they say skinny so
what is it my arm yeah and I don’t know what that is and it says like designed
in New York City made in Los Angeles there there nice black skinny jeans
though yeah I’ll have to get that I definitely think they’re better over on
Poshmark I think this is really nice it’s cute
huh athletic it’s like a little lemon on it it’s like kind of nubby though like
it’s made that way yeah but it has like the holes in it
this reminds me it’s so small reminds me of what a little lemon would be it’s
cute people want that kind of stuff now because it has like the long sleeves the
hood yeah here’s a torrid missus size five which is a great size to grind and
it’s really late just a tank top though yeah just a tank top but it has like
kind of a strappy detail on the back mm-hmm there’s some more pants rock
revival so these jeans I mean I don’t pick up jeans very often rock revival
all pick up but they’re still like the men’s rock revival are better for us
these are women’s 27 so does it say jail boot yeah I think that’s what it says
and again I think that’s better over on Poshmark and it is on eBay I don’t know
what’s up with you BAE you look at stuff and I’m like you seriously have to
practically give your stuff away over there I mean I know people you know so
I’ve just wait for the right buyer I understand but sometimes when you’re
looking up comps and some of these clothes it’s like people are seriously
just pricing their stuff so low at a Buy It Now price it’s you know it makes it
hard to well some of these things you look up and someone has it on for buy it
now $7 someone has on by now $50 is like where do you price yours like god I
guess I’ll price in the middle and hope that cheap one sells pretty weird right
now what’s this oh this is Janis Chelsea soccer soccer okay I didn’t know on this
but it’s all over print it’s Dale Earnhardt not junior senior you know
it’s old chase yeah I mean it’s slowly 90s obviously right yeah
I don’t know don’t always do that good with NASCAR stock pile you know I might
like I’m not gonna list a pile that’s not are you gonna kill it Oh fabletics
oh yeah well I don’t think these have a size I know why don’t they put a size
dot in there because what always has the ripped out tallies have all these are
cool though they’re like have a cutout like in the middle but I mean they’re
probably like a medium yeah that looks probably a medium maybe yeah
so I’ll list the measurements out that’ll be something probably we’ll send
out to auction and these are really nice so they usually so do they come with
yeah it must have had a tag there and then it has the same place yeah I think
there’s another pair though somewhere haven’t found them yet lots of workout
stuff adidas WNBA women’s NBA right yeah women’s
basketball okay it has like these you know Brian I think
one beat or whatever you call it Cordy implead I’m not sure yeah but Lane
Bryant I mean it’s cute right so cute I love this bank stuff me too it’s easy to
list and it’s usually pretty but this a full supe yeah for wrestling or
something right for wrestling I think it’s more like to show her and it’s an
extra large so that is good I always get mixed up like I think that’s like a
under bustline but then it’s hard to tell and then so let’s see this is
spanks and then they have like assets assets by spanks which is like the core
Gators are right but the new spank knew where she I mean this isn’t new
like newer line you don’t talking about it’ll say on here like this says slim
plis City so it’ll tell you like what it is
so it’s a lot easier to look up like the old ones didn’t have what it was on it
so you had to kind of sit there and try to figure out what it was called mm-hmm
no pink sports bra we do get lots actually stuff I guess
yeah well is this exercise I guess so right you’re small okay I didn’t realize
we got that much stuff but we got quite a bit huh well it’s over two times so
eagles creek new wallet 2750 velcro we used to get this in
Oregon this Eagle Creek stuff and we bought it up and we felt really good
about I don’t think it but 2754 just this little wallet
but we don’t find it here no no very whoa I found that here so this hat I
guess you can have it round you can put it down I don’t know it didn’t look that
great be Barbie Bailey hand creased xxx cushion ride hmm interesting I like the
old hats you know yeah I like that one that one’s good yellow with blue
definitely 90s right white 50 box right made in Taiwan yeah I mean I would guess
probably about 50 bucks for that little hat well it has a weird yeah it’s kind
of like sporty-er is that what it is yeah cuz usually they’re like leather or
not but this is like it’s like an elite kind of thing kind of different and you
know how I like hats oh that one needs to be washed yeah it’s it’s kind of
dirty is it vintage I don’t know it doesn’t have a date on it may in China
yeah it’s not super vintage but very cool I can’t sell it of course I’ll wear
it I just don’t like Looney Tunes for some reason no I didn’t watch those
cartoons and I was at all you probably did didn’t yeah of course
I knew it I watched like Smurfs and Care Bears and you watch Looney Tunes I guess
so so this is ultra floor it’s just from Macy’s new ATAG and hardly super this is
cute no sleeves right mm-hmm love it more Nike nice next
trying to hurry me along sorry flax pants I like flax we sell that pretty
good size large I don’t know about the pants as much though yeah I like the
drums UNIX are good these are brown color
good ball color it is that pretty soon it’s gonna be not falling I know it’s
tough and I’m like great for fall then I’m like wait balls gonna be over here
pretty soon Under Armour pants you is that what they
are thanks Adam you youth Texas for March you’re right and with that youth
stuff will actually save it up and lot it together or something no I picked
this up I thought this was just a really cute shirt but it’s from Walmart it’s just my
thighs right that’s from warmer yeah okay or I mean there’s some other places
I guess you can get it 2x but it’s a super cute it is cute maybe I’ll coin
fun shirt right it does look fun doesn’t it yeah maybe I’ll wear it
I’ll here’s my other phablet excit so those are probably the other one
probably the same size too I think they probably are a large these
are like a seamless because they don’t have any they have no time no thing that
I know of if somebody knows where the size would be if on these i member
you’re like brand-new mmm world Robin Robin it’s this one hour
hoodie hoodie sweater it’s very cool mm-hmm there’s another sports bra I
thought we got like two of those they’re probably the same size we could load him
up this might be bigger 32 DDD okay so it’s not same No this is stranger things I like it
I guess it’s not really good though no probably not
I don’t know I picked it out like maybe somebody here will wear it but I’ll try
to list it and sell it you didn’t want to get this and I’m like it’s super cute
it is only its forever 21 but it’s plus size for every so many swimsuit so but
this is a 2x bathing suit yeah forever 21 plus size anyway it’s like a halter
it has ruching it’s pink has underwire in it I mean I would say $15 for a
bathing suit I would try to list it for some day we need to list bathing suits
someday we need to list everything we have oh we need to stop going I can’t
I’ve tried I can but you don’t you like we just end up with a lot of stuff that
I know I know and I shouldn’t go I just well this is why we’re doing Macari Lots
too because we would get so much stuff and then like I can’t list it all so
then we would sell them in Macari Lots but then it’s like I you know it’s like
yeah it’s like what I don’t know you don’t know I just need to list more one
of these days I’m gonna have so much time I can lift so much stuff wait
when’s that gonna I don’t know I every like I’m like I’m not so much time to
list and then the day just like goes away what’s that
Oh Joseph Abboud $59 huh yeah but they’re probably a $15.00 short right
yeah we got a bunch of shorts this said it was size 1x but I don’t know if it’s
a Chinese brand or something what this looks like I want 2 X does it I don’t
know but look how cute that is it’s new it tags no it only has one tag
so newett a Griffin simply couture where do you see one boys but then I
think it’s set it down here to somewhere on the side it’s you or maybe not maybe
it didn’t have the size here this is cotton polyester yeah feels like it it
was cute I like this this is cute it had a little spot in the front did we get it
off I didn’t even try just yeah that’s like sheer it has this cool ham I
like that Catherine’s react that could be like a bathing suit cover-up chill
okay I like these big logo big logo shorts
so these she picked these up and the drawstring was one was sticking out and
the other wasn’t and I’m like and then I saw a big logo we do pretty good with
that so I spent the time to pull the other drawstring oh good job babe
sometimes we’re getting tweezers out you know sometimes it’s really hard that
actually was really easy to put the drawstring back in what are you got here
hoody workout workout what is it it’s impact jillian michaels I don’t
know what that is I don’t know either just workout stuff here’s another I
guess we did get a few PSX sports bras 32 DDD that’s what a lauren was right
think so so there’s together yeah here’s some man
fries Ryan Preece man pants but these are ibex ibex 34 now you find ibex like
wool sweaters or shirts are better than these organic cotton shorts
these aren’t shorts these are man pre-series whatever this I got because
it’s beer right beer on it I charge a see don’t look super great I mean like
15 bucks with the beer with the beer same ones it’s kind of go about with all
those beers don’t it cuz I don’t normally pick up that brand
I mean maybe someone that’s good but I usually don’t but when it has beer gotta
get it right I guess it feels really nice UPF 50 those are nice again they’re
probably about $15 on those pants that’s the kind of pants I haven’t made zip off
down here too late to be Caprice that’s like all his pants that he has they all
are those zip off kind I think we’re gonna say capris I’m like
home no not capris I like I like that kind of pant to where they’re
comfortable but when winter time comes they’re not that warm
they’re nice in this cashmere McDuff it’s a really small cable net like it’s
really kind of cool this is something we need to work on – I have 50 cashmere
sweaters we need to put on gotta work on there so gotta work on this
someday we’ll stop going to bend all the – yes please stop going to the bed
Under Armour he likes to go to bed cuz you like to go to bed and then he likes
it like let’s do a video and show you know the haul video so it’s like fun for
that but then it’s like you realize you actually have to you got buddy something
with this stuff yes you do McGregor love McGregor right win suits
track suit so this is like ATS I’m assuming the jacket was going tagged so
I’m gonna assume the pants are also new men’s track suit I mean people were
selling these for like 50 70 bucks or so I looked it up so I mean I’ll probably
I’ll probably try 50 bucks yeah maybe a little more oh my gosh we did get a lot
of stuff yeah we’re almost there though almost there almost there
style and call one-acts I got it because it’s one accent it’s new and it has
these cute little buttons here like look how cute that is
mm-hmm Taylan their purse fossil just all the whole leather has the little key
thing but see on this okay somebody has one similar it’s not the same
listed for by now $5 $5 $5 for a leather one like this all leather and then you
look and some people have them for $50 so like I just like I don’t even get it that’s a nice selling low when you’re
sending it out to auction I can get that but when you’re pricing it that low to
start if Mike’s I don’t know this hat so old
it is old and ugly it is no it’s cool
so what does it say Union made in the USA Cromer chroma they make other kinds
of evidence I create Fisher many hats I think that’s cool pastor Johnson Motors
I like Johnson motors I think you said this isn’t very good and I was like 15
bucks because what this guy bud Ekins who is that guy but see like it does
have a little hole we’ll have to say that you know stuff like that it’s kind
of distrust I’m not sure who he is he’s somebody you obviously I should probably
know who he is ah these are my kind of pants right here
yeah they are surprised you don’t steal them worldwide sportsman is out there
it’s very small a little small for me I think yeah worldwide so these two I was
looking him up it’s like the same thing so low and then like normal price so
it’s like it’s hard cuz I don’t know these were another Under Armor they have
like God waffle these will be nice to wear here will you have almond here I
have Under Armor ones yeah nice Laura I do yeah don’t you oh maybe there you
have some that are like just camo like some other brand maybe their champion
this too was like new a tag it was a plus-sized or something right like
looking at almost like a high low it says 2x right $71 Suzanne Metro which I
think I looked it up at dilatory but it says 2x years what’s that mean I don’t
know 2x years yeah 71 but it’s like a high-low this is a cute shirt oh look at
the polka dots I know polka dots are cute okay this
might be like the longest video ever it is okay sorry I’m hurryin okay so these
is this these are champion but they’re like you can see right through them
there’s holes all the ways then they have a lining they were – these were
both size 2 X you know they have the opposite pocket I mean we don’t normally
get them know what to X and two of them and they are the newer champion Tag
champion c9 which is target right obviously there’s a difference between
champion told you some of these eight CMAs nice as any other well these when I
saw him I’m like oh I see the logo is a little bit worn on that one I didn’t
even see that I thought oh these are something good but I mean they’re so
expensive so this had a spot on it but um I still
had to get it it has a spot on the arm I think couple little ink spots or
something but it’s pink and it has Bose has Bose right over there children in
the room that’s a present there this is so cute yes yes little guest skirt look
it has a little tag right there cute mainly USA six years old I mean that’s I
need a signal 80s little I should just put it on Luke Oh cute hey lucky is
eighties eighties this is this was the 1×2 yeah I was applying lucky okay
almost there oh my goodness wow this thing is heavy I
know bumper or wrong it’s like stretch what’s the difference between jumper in
the wrong a jumper sorry Rachel Zoe so what is that I mean this feels really I
think I’m not sure where it’s from I know this is all open your cold shoulder
romper has pockets again I think it’s a better Poshmark brand then I wish you’d
wear stuff like that it is adorable here I got like this yeah it’s a dress
for us this is very cute this is really cute I know it has this belt
it’s like striped 20w 6950 Wow yeah that is I know I love that dross
it’s like okay and a retro look to it we’re
the last two things what do we have here Oh Matilda Jean just a little top say
six or top and nuit AG something they’re just some shorts they’re just there
bebop or something Bob size nine so I don’t know that’s what we picked up my
gosh I was so much stuff it seemed like I know it’s like falling on me over here
I know so we went twice yesterday I got two gift cards I paid for everything
that we got at one time so that’s awesome
we got some good fillory stuff yeah nothing that’s like oh you know that
real yeah good yeah hundred dollar thing or anything but somebody’s probably
won’t get this stuff listed for a while so if anybody want is interested in any
of this yeah I have my email down below if you want to send me an email
yeah um but I don’t know if there’s she just doesn’t want us to see does anybody
wanna buy no it’s nice like I like listing stuff that I like you know
anyway well I hope you like hats scarfs and no
I don’t like that man’s and for months he’s been giving me stuff like I don’t
like to list so then I just get so frustrated and just like I just don’t
want to listen I told him like give me some stuff I want a list and then I can
list a whole bunch of stuff when you give me the stuff I don’t want to list
it takes me a lot longer I have to look it up I have to measure all the stuff
that well those suits is that what you’re talking about
no it’s just not that just what do you want what do you want I don’t know oh
wow anyway I got the hats already scarf so we got do that first and then we’ll
do whatever you want and we won’t go to the bed for a while
you can do it bad you can do it well I got to go once okay hope you guys are
getting good stuff making good sales we’re gonna try our 50% off sale see if
it does anything wait but I went like two weeks without going to the pen Wow
BAM proud of you and it hurt so I need to not do that right I guess alright
well thanks for watching hope you enjoyed our haul and what else we have
that’s it that’s it pick outside the box I guess thanks guys have a good weekend
we’ll see you on Sunday hopefully your sales are better in ours because ours
were bad I am fifty percent off everything and both of our stores and
we’ll let you know how that worked out on Sunday yeah and no mail on Monday no
mail Monday so stuff will go out Tuesday yes okay okay have a good one guys god
bless bye thank you

  • At least let the kids spend $6 bucks at Walmart since thatโ€™s one of your catch phrases ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๏ธ

  • Just ordered the diaper covers and am interested in the Athleta workout pants in what you think are a size large. Please shoot me a price. Thanks.

  • Michelle, my little brothers LOVED Surfs!!! I am quite a lot older. What year were you born? Also, I would like to put my big nose into the discussion about the $5 each at Walmart. I think the little guys won't care or know the difference while Rose will need more to actually get anything that she can actually use and love. Come on now you know that Rose is a huge help to you all the time. Rose is not paying me to write this. LOL BUT I was that big sister to a large family!!!! Hi Rose!!!

  • I wore shorts to the post office today here in Tallahassee! There are always some of us looking for tank tops and shorts all year round! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Put that stranger things t shirt on posh and eBay. Itโ€™s very popular, will probably go quickly. Great haul yโ€™all!

  • Put that stranger things t shirt on posh and eBay. Itโ€™s very popular, will probably go quickly. Great haul yโ€™all!

  • So many of our viewers want to buy things from our hauls – maybe we should all just start doing YouTube sale videos and skip Ebay altogether!

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  • I got a 70's vintage huckleberry Hound twin sheet set at the my bin. The fitted sheet was kind of faded, the flat sheet was in awesome shape and the pillowcase was really faded. Sold it for $125

  • I find Posh to be quite labor intensive. I am no where near your level- I started just cleaning out closets and junk and it grew from there- I learn a lot from watching you guys and others! You two are a great team!

  • My sales on eBay have crashed the past 2-3 weeks even though I have been listing more than ever. Very confusing. Poshmark a bit slower as well.

  • List that Levis tote high, start at 49.00, I found a Levis denim men's wallet in a bin at the Salvation Army on the bottom of a purse bin. I paid .49. listed on EBay for 35.00, it sold in minutes !! I researched it more and probably could have got double. But I was happy, turned .49 into 35.00 !!

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    You do find some cool stuff at your bins!!!!
    Must be tons of resellers here in Greenville, SC because when we go we don't find near the really goo/cool stuff yall do plus this is the only Goodwill Outlet in Greenville.
    Thanks guys!!!

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  • drawstring trick I figured out the other day. I had a nice Adidas hooded reversible jacket that I'd washed that i found at the bins & the drawstring got pulled more than halfway out. It's really quick to just pull it all the way out, take the tip of the drawstring tap it with scotch tap to the tip of a wire so that it won't move, run it thru , get the tip out the end with the scotch tape sticking out, snip the tape off and pull the wire out and the drawstring is back in place . I can't count how many drawstrings I've gotten mad about and pulled out and threw away till I got so upset about the Adidas jacket because i was wanting to resell it, so I came up with that idea.

  • lol G. thanks for the laugh "I didn't go the the bins for about 2 weeks and that hurt. Don't want that. " OMG I'm laughing so hard , my son comes out of his bedroom and is asking me what I'm laughing. He even got to laughing when I told him what G said.

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  • I just want to say that I like how you guys want your channel to be a positive channel. I just unfollowed some people because they were complaining so much about reselling. I think people watch reseller videos for inspiration and motivation and you guys deliver and are honest. Plus youโ€™re a cute couple. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think itโ€™s awesome youโ€™re willing to give good deals to your viewers too! I like how you guys price decently but also arenโ€™t afraid to move product. I donโ€™t want to be that seller who is holding tons of inventory for a year waiting for top dollar. Iโ€™ve learned so much from you guys. Cost of goods doesnโ€™t need to take so much from my monthly profits.

  • Don't feel bad about not sharing on PM. I share your stuff because I like you guys. Remember me I am the Downey Girl. I have learned stuff from you so sharing is the least I can do.

  • My EBay store has picked up a lot! I have been making roughly 5 sales a day!! No complaints from me! I hope your store starts picking up as well. I have started listing all my Christmas stuff and that is what is selling. I need to put more clothes in my store, but as I stated I am selling Christmas hard goods like crazy. TFS

  • HI Michelle & G
    I watch all your videos an smash the like button on all your videos even the older videos as you give me strength ,
    please state the sizes on items as I loved several things an want to buy b4 you list ,can you in future videos say the size ,hugs to you all

  • Donโ€™t worry about Sharing back. If you can, great, if not- I would not be upset (as a Posher sharing your items). No biggie. Love you guys. Have a great week.

  • Three sales during the week of black Friday through cyber Monday, woo hoo (sarcasm.) Six days in a row, no sales, almost 400 items, with six sales going on up to 50% off. Same week I got Top rated plus on over 250 paper collectible listings. So much for a boost in visibility. Box stores win again, ridiculous. Thanks for the positive attitude you two.

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