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BERGEN SPISER: Restaurant Festival in Bergen, Norway

BERGEN SPISER: Restaurant Festival in Bergen, Norway

This is Bergen the rainy city of Norway We are gonna take part of a new festival The restaurant festival “Bergen Spiser” and during the festival 61 of the restaurants in the city Do something special for their customers We’re gonna try 5 of the restaurants which offers a special price deal and we’re starting with Escalòn Escalòn is a popular tapas restaurant where you can in Spanish inspired small dishes, perfect for sharing The festival deal is 20% discount on all the food and we picked a few dishes to try So first up I’m gonna try mushroom with manchego Mmm… Oh my god, that is incredible I love the texture of the mushroom It kind of soaked up all the flavors a bit savory, a bit sweet, Powerful as well For me this is just perfect! mmm… Wow! Perfect combination actually because the mushroom usually absorbes taste from whatever you use it with The perfect crunch, the texture itself, combined with this soft of the mushroom It just gives a really good taste actually that I cannot put a word on it So now on to the scallops! this has been marinated in sage butter mmm… mmm…. So first of all, the texture of the scallops are incredible It’s kind of a bit crispy and fried on the outside and then it’s soft and delicious on the inside It’s just amazing! And I really like the flavor of the sage butter It’s a bit earthy and a bit savory and then you have the sweetness from the butter So all together it’s like a well combination It’s actually a little bit sweet it’s a bit of golden brownish grilled on the top of it and what is important I think is They maintained the natural sweetness of the scallops so they don’t over-marinate it Sometimes I feel like if you over-marinate it too much then what’s the point? but that depends on the food too It’s very good guys! I’m really excited about this one because it’s blue fish it’s been marinated in blueberries So it looks really kind of like toxic but it’s also the one that looks the most exciting So this is halibut that has been marinated in blueberries and it also has some honey and mustard sauce on it That is so much better than I expected actually it exceeded my expectations and my expectations were good Wasabi is actually kind of the same as mustard if you think about it because the fake wasabi is actually made from the same root as mustard is made from So this kind of tasted like it was marinated in wasabi And then it also had this sweetness from the blueberries and honey So it was kind of like… It actually had a bit of a Japanese taste to it Hmmm… Interesting it doesn’t taste fishy at all but it picked up the sweetness of blueberry and the sauce And it’s just like a light touch of it Without overwhelming the fish taste Yeah, it’s pretty fascinating how they made it look so good and it tastes so unique so I like olives a lot and I’m excited to try this one Olives is just olives generally, so…. But this one is like high-quality olive and it also seems like it’s marinated in olive oil and some herbs It’s very delicious and I could eat this all day, all night Love it!! This is actually a perfect pallet opener Yeah, it’s very good So there’s no tapas without some bread and aioli So I’m gonna try this one Mmm… I’m just saying This alioli… is the best! and the bread is so light and soft Mmm… This is dangerous because it’s quite addictive it’s just… It’s unresistable! on to next one!! La taqueria is a restaurant, bar and takeaway place They serve high quality tacos to provide true food joy The festival deal is 20% discount on a dish of the day which is burrito we decided on the pork burrito So on our plate here we have the burrito, the salsa sauce, the Nachos and chedder chipotle let’s dig in! Can you hear the sound? that’s the sound of delicious food the nachos is good and I think the star here is actually the salsa sauce They made it themselves here. It’s so fresh It’s, I don’t know, I feel like a little bit hint of spiciness and the color of it is a bit orangey it’s not like pure red mmm… This salsa has some kind of smokiness to it it’s like chili has been smoked or something It’s very rich and it’s a lot better than anything I’ve made at home and it’s better than the things you buy in the store For next is the cheese dip This food actually make me feel guilty because it’s so good It’s very creamy, the cheese dip, and… it’s just a good balance between the taste and spiciness Mm.. mm.. mm.. mm.. mmmmmmm…. This!! makes me happy! I love cheese. I love cheddar and and It’s kind of like a bit of a spiciness to it like a
smoked taste like a smoked taste it’s Very good! It’s like the best cheddar dip I’ve tried, ever! now for the main one – the burrito It just feels so good! I don’t usually like pork, I mean, because… Sometimes I feel that taste of the pork can be not so good But here they marinade, or like, I don’t know what but they prepare it very good. It tastes so good Yeah, it’s unbelievable. It’s like… You Should definitely try it out! Pure deliciousness! this is Perfect after being out drinking it’s also real comfort food Like if you want something really good to warm up your soul then this is… you should go for this one In Norway we have the saying “Nattmat” which means the food that you eat when you go when all the bars close at 2:30 Then everyone go out and eat “nattmat” So it fits that… but also it has a much higher quality to it So this is good for just hanging out with friends, having something really delicious to eat so much more! So what I like the most is that all the flavors go so well together really recommend This, guys now on to the next one!! MM cafe & bar is perfect for a cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or even clubbing The festival deal is a super price on two items: fish soup and BBQ burger So you can see there’s different fishes in here it’s salmon and it seems like it’s cod and also there is some shrimp and mussels I really like fish soup! fish soup is a traditional soup of Bergen We even have our own, called the Bergen fish soup. It’s creamy, There’s like seafood flavor, but it’s not too fishy the salmon is really soft and I love the texture of it it just generally a flavor explosion of a fish soup oh woooow! It’s very rich in taste especially from the fish The fishy taste actually blended out to the soup, to the broth itself yeah, and a small hint of the vegetable which can sweeten out the taste I mean, just the soup itself. It’s so good Everything here is so… Actually a very neutral taste so it’s not like one of them was overwhelming the other very good balance BBQ burger contains colsaw, salad, barbeque sauce fried onion rings and beef meat mmm… I like the smokiness of the sauce You get kind of a big chunk of meat here It’s not just filled with everything else I actually prefer when it’s a bit like red in the middle and this one is more like cooked throughout the colsaw salad is kind of like sweet and then a bit on the sour side and It’s very well with the smokiness of the barbecue sauce I’m ready to try this one mmm… Wow, this is actually what I like most about the burger It’s so crispy It’s so good. I don’t know how they got it that crispy Did you hear the sound? This is delicious! I’m the ketchup guy there’s like 2 persons in this world… ketchup or not! mmm… Onion ring mmm… I could keep eating and eating and eating… and… Get fat! Now for the main star – the burger! This is more on the thick, patty burger side It was not overwhelming it was not too much meat taste It was actually a bit light on the taste But then you have the barbecue sauce, then you have the colsaw Those two mixed together… Really make the burger taste much better Now on to the next place!! Zupperia is bergen’s biggest soup restaurant with dishes that varies from traditional soups to international dishes The festival deal is a dish for 100 kroner and today the dish is buddha hot pot So when went with Buddha hot pot the vegetarian version you can also have it in meat version which they use chicken as meat source But in our case it’s tofu So you have paprika, tofu, carrot squash. and you have some cilantro Yeah, I think that the main important thing here is actually the gravy mmm… It’s a little bit spicy the squash itself is very juicy, you know, The paprika is perfectly cooked It’s not too much, too soft or too hard The tofu takes up whatever you marinate it in And just soak up the taste of it in this case the gravy And this tofu is like I think it’s a little bit fried outside it has a little bit harder texture almost like a, not crisps but a more firm texture while inside of it, It’s soft I’m starting with the tofu. Mmm… I Love tofu Especially when it soaks up all the flavors like a sponge I love this sauce It’s like kind of a bit of an oily sauce with a lot of chili, maybe sesame oil I think it goes really well with the vegetables so i’m really glad we chose the vegetarian version I guess it’s really good with the chicken as well, but… I actually prefer vegetarian food often So what I like the most about this dish other than the sauce is that the vegetables are perfectly cooked. They’re a bit crispy but also cooked so the consistency, the texture is extremely good So on to the next place!! Royal burger and gin is a restaurant which specializes on gourmet burgers The buns are homemade and freshly baked every day The festival deal is 20% discount on the burger of the month The Zawadski AKA Wolverine Okey, ready for the first bite I’m happy! it’s so much flavor put into one burger the bread is incredible! It’s like having a sweet bun without the sweetness The burger is so soft and perfectly cooked in my opinion We have the freshness from the red onions and you also have the creaminess from the blue cheese Mayo You have the sweetness from the honey mustard and you have the herbal flavors from the sausage I..I’m speechless it’s so good! It’s like… think this goes in amongst the top burgers that I’ve tried! Let’s give it a go mmmmmmm…. it’s so good! The juiciness, the fatness from the meat Combined with the fat from the sausage and of course the blue cheese. Oh Oh god! I was so good this actually gave a little bit sweet taste just a little bit hint of it and mix it together this is a bombard of taste, guys! Like totally a bombard of taste on burger so good! and that was it for “bergen spiser” guys! We hope this festival will be next year, too So if you haven’t subscribed do it now and remember to hit the bell button to get notification on our newest video Talk to you in the next video, guys!

  • This video just blew my mind and really confused me. LOL Let me explain.
    I always thought that your jobs are related to videography or photography. But after watching this, I am convinced that you are food critics.
    The way you shot the scenes, the food, the way you explained the food and the restaurants, it's as if the restaurants hired you guys to do these professional promotional videos!!
    How did you get those food prepping shots at the restaurants?
    I usually don't like watching people eat but I actually enjoy watching you guys.
    Your editing skill is amazing. How long does it take you to edit this video?
    Great job as usual!

  • Love the cinematic shots as always! Those dishes look so beautiful! I really love the interior of MM Cafe. You guys really had an amazing feast!

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