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Barney Bar Robot Pre Launch EN

Barney Bar Robot Pre Launch EN

– People like it, people really enjoy the interactive components,
they enjoy watching the robot. They really like to order drinks and we see a big revenue potential for everybody that installs our bar. We’re very happy to launch
Barney our robotic bar, which is a complete solution
for hotels, restaurants, events and we think for every
bar owner in every major city, this is gonna be a big PR
effect if they install Barney and they will be seen as pioneers. We continuously have crowds in front of it that want to watch. We see a lot of customers in hotel chains. We see a big potential in cruise ships. We see a big potential in casinos. We are F&P Robotics, a
Zurich, Switzerland-based robotics company that
has developed a complete bar solution, Barney, and this
is our first gastronomy product there’s much more to come.

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