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#AskJonTaffer 📝 Bar Rescue

#AskJonTaffer 📝 Bar Rescue

– Have you ever been bar business? How much bar experience do you have? (dramatic music) – I’m not even gonna dignify that. (lively rock music) So if I could order only one appetizer and one drink from a bar, I think I would order a margarita ’cause it speaks to the quality of a bar. How did they mix it? What are the ingredients? What is the glass? How are they presenting it? I’d also go for, believe
it or not, a chicken wing. Is it fresh, is it frozen, is it crisp, is it well-made? Those two things can really define a bar. Now, one of the most influential people in my life was my grandfather. He invented direct mail, was a marketing genius when he was young, wasn’t educated, but
died a very wealthy man running a very, very large agency. He always inspired me because he created jobs,
he created products, he created things that provided stability, income, and quality of life for people. I’ve seen some terrible things in bars. I’ve been hit in the foot by rats. I’ve seen prophylactics behind bars, but the worst thing I think I ever saw is when I opened a drawer of a refrigerator, and there was a dead raccoon inside. When I think about the
most disgusting moments I’ve ever had on “Bar Rescue,” I’m reminded by my little secret. Sometimes, I have to put some garlic on the end of my tongue and breathe through my mouth just to stay in that kitchen. The three most important things to keep in mind when opening
a bar is, one, the customer. You’re not building it for yourself, you’re building it for them. Next, quality. You have to give them the quality that you would want yourself, and third, watch your money. Many bars run out of money before they would be successful. If they had enough money
for another month or two, they would’ve made it. So make sure you have enough money to weather your mistakes and
focus on just the customer.

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