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All-Day DIM SUM! Tim Ho Wan at the Palms Las Vegas

All-Day DIM SUM! Tim Ho Wan at the Palms Las Vegas

it’s all you can vegas hey everybody it’s
derek and I’m here at tim ho wan chinese dim sum restaurant at the palms las
vegas tim ho wan is a michelin starred dim sum restaurant from hong kong and
now it’s in las vegas and you can get this michelin starred dim sum right here
at the palms casino and right here on the table is a placemat that has
pictures of all the dim sum if you’re not as familiar with what dim sum is or
what they have here they definitely have a lot of my favorites like the BBQ pork
buns and the steamed dumplings shumai but they have some interesting things
here as well sweet osmanthus jelly with goji berries like what’s that so yeah
you got the clipboard here where we just have a pencil kind of like a sushi
restaurant where you write down the things that you want where you check it off
how many you want so let’s see what we’re gonna eat all right I think we got to definitely
got to get these baked barbecue pork buns I’ll get one of those I do like
this turnip cake fried turnip cake but there’s so much I don’t know what to
start oh I guess I gotta try the sweet osmanthus jelly with goji berries
pork dumplings and spicy sauce this looks good yes I think we’re ready to
order so I think we have the barbecue bun steamed vegetable dumpling the steamed wagyu bundle with green apple and mushroom the har gow pork dumpling steamed rice with minced beef and egg and then is this like a dessert right with the sweet osmanthus great awesome thank
you so while we’re waiting for the food I can tell you they do have some
interesting cocktails and mocktails I’m not a drinker myself but these mocktails
look pretty good mango slushy temple of heaven and the forbidden city this one
is pretty interesting five spice mint lime and fever tree spiced ginger ale that
sounds alright but if you are a drinker the yuzu mule the beijing sling
stacked coffee japanese old fashioned they all sound pretty appetizing as well here is everything it is here this is the dim sum at tim ho wan and here are the baked barbecue pork
buns and these are the vegetable dumplings and this is har gow and this is the wagyu bundle with
green apple and mushroom and last but not least the pork dumplings in spicy
sauce ok so now we’re going to eat I got a pork bun pork dumplings think I need a bigger plate nice vegetable
dumpling well the insides are coming out little
harder to eat than it looks I guess I’ll just take both of these and the wagyu beef that does look like an apple slice there
yeah that looks like an apple let’s try this pork bun that pork meat is so juicy and sweet and a nice flaky it’s like a flaky biscuit type bun I gotta try this wagyu beef
green apple mushroom I think there’s like asparagus in there oh fell apart a little bit
I’ll just eat it like this almost tastes like mustard or something wow beef is tender apples crispy
and it has like some kind of mustard flavor that’s good it’s very unique
I never had that before at dim sum I gotta try this spicy dumpling
and I’ve even got these spicy hot oil and sambal how mustard over there if I
want it even more spicy that has just the right level of spice
that I like it gives me a little pop of spice and then it’s over alright so I gotta get some of this chili oil I think I’ll put it on my har gow it’s
probably good on everything yeah oh that looks so good already
the chili oil on the har gow that’s like a totally different spice than
on the other one I mean that one really it’s really I can feel it on the tip of my
tongue whoa that’s like going through my whole
body right now there you go you can see inside the pork
bun all that sweet pork and that flaky pastry I’m gonna try this other har gow in the hot
mustard that’s hot mustard all right this was this was
all so good we had to order one more thing which is the steamed pork dumplings with
shrimp shumai in other words and we’re also going to get more pork buns and
more spicy dumplings and this is the shumai right here and it’s got
goji berries on top of it worth it I don’t know what that is but I love it so tim ho wan at the palms its michelin star dim sum and it is pretty awesome
this place is open till two o’clock in the morning 3 o’clock on the weekends so
it is dim sum all day and all night so come and get some hey thanks for
watching everybody please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it leave a
comment let me know what you think about tim ho wan at the palms and be sure to
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when it’s all you can vegas

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