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Adidas Outlet Store in Dubai: SALE???  (PART 1)

Adidas Outlet Store in Dubai: SALE??? (PART 1)

Welcome back guys! This is Vicson from The VICSON TV channel. Just awhile ago, my colleagues called, and they asked me to join them in Adidas Outlet Store (just near the Airport Road), so they asked me to include them in my vlog and to include them in my videos, and (thank you guys for supporting me) (and I’ll see you there… very soon) we are here… PARKING! (let’s go inside) megg: wow! we are now included in your videos me: of course! We are getting rich! Lyka: that is too much hoarding! Me: So, what can you say about the sale? Lyka: They’re still not on sale Me: Are we just fooling around then? Lyka: They said, they are on SALE! Megg: Yeah. Me: These are the people who invited me here, and I thought everything is OK. Pinky: Hey! It’s not me! Pinky: It’s them! I just joined them. Pinky: I am just coming along with beshies (best friends) Megg: Ate Cindy was asking Megg: if, “where are you at the moment” Me: ahh. Well, I was sleeping, then suddenly you guys called me. Me: They said it’s SALE, but NOBODY is here! Livia: We are in chaos! Me: Bill out time! This is the fastest shopping during SALE! Megg: Buy something for yourself. Me: No need! Pinky: I told you! Lyka: Hahaha. I think it’s more like… Me: I think they are not really on SALE! Lyka: (for it to be sale) The price should be half of the sale price! Me: So, the price of the cap is 20 dirhams Me: and the design is ugly. Lyke: She (Megg) is the one hoarding all the caps! Pinky: So, which of these (caps) you are not going to buy? Me: How much did you spend? Livia: It’s only 250 dirhams. Livia: Oh my gosh! 2 shoes and 4?… 4 caps. WOW! Me: That’s a good deal! Megg: Yes! Livia: Yes besh! Lyka: How much did you spend, besh? Livia: Only 250 (dirhams)! Lyka: 250?! Livia: YEAH! 2 shoes and… Me: We still don’t have salary. (where did they get all that money?)

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