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A Japanese School Lunch Themed Restaurant! 😱 (WEIRD TOKYO EATS)(LIFE IN JAPAN EP.3)

A Japanese School Lunch Themed Restaurant! 😱 (WEIRD TOKYO EATS)(LIFE IN JAPAN EP.3)

And the best part right here This is called.. Agi-pan It’s really really sugary bread And this is a staple of Japanese Lunch What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Tokyo And today I’ve got a real treat Something super super quirky We’re going to a spot called KyushokuToban Which means.. School Lunch Duty That’s right, this place is themed around a Japanese School lunch Which are well known around the world as being some of the healthiest And I thought this was something so unique We just had to film it So why don’t I go check this out I don’t know what to expect guys Honestly..I’m like.. 50/50 Excited.. 50 I don’t know curious Let’s do it We’re going back to school To actually sit in the classroom You have to order the special lunch set About 14, 15 U.S Dollars But you get all this stuff They have little school things here You can get school music Coloring This is awesome Guys this is a little bit of a tight fit here I do want to make a note about the authenticity of this experience Because in Japan they do not have cafeterias You actually eat in your classroom Which is exactly what we are doing here We’re about to pour our cocoa and her strawberry into the milk Like Japanese school children This really reminds me of chocolate milk from the U.S It’s not to much sugar It’s not overwhelmingly sweet This really reminds me of the U.S style chocolate milk In the cafeteria I think it’s because it’s healthy It doesn’t have a lot of sugar But it’s perfect.. Before you start eating You have to say Itadakimasu Which means I think thanks for the food I don’t know you can correct me But it’s something you say before you start to eat Not just in school But I think in general Curry.. noodles Soup Salad Fried fish And the best part Right here This is called.. Age-Pan
It’s really really sugary bread And this is a staple of Japanese lunch A spork This would not be a school lunch If we did not have a spork involved We do have chopsticks But i’m going to use this a little bit to The age-pan First thing I’m going to try right here I have no idea how to eat this without being super messy Deep fried.. deep fried sugar bread Guys you might think this is dessert But it’s not It’s not dessert It’s not considered dessert It’s a staple of a Japanese school lunch And it’s very good
It’s actually not as sweet as I thought it would be There’s a lot of sugar on top But the whole thing doesn’t taste that sugary to me I think there is.. some consideration for health value Of this treat here Noodles + Meat Sauce My mouth is watering.. is that correct Yeah Kids.. Japanese kids are very lucky Maybe they don’t know it.. But they’re very lucky Mmmm I was expecting the flavor of the regular.. spaghetti Like Bolognese How do you say.. Bolognese spaghetti Yeah But it’s actually sweet It’s pretty good My first bite of noodles with curry It’s a very good curry sauce It reminds me of Indian style curry Which I’ve already had in Japan I’ve loved the curry here so far This is.. no exception to that rule I think Adriana’s right Japanese school kids really do have Amazing lunches Much better than we had In the United States I’m using my trusty spork To try the chicken meatball soup Mmmm I haven’t had chicken meatballs in a long time They did a nice job The broth is just a little tiny bit salty But I think it adds some much needed flavor I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this meal
As much as we have I was here more for the novelty But I’ll tell you what The food’s not bad at all Guys it’s my turn to try the Age-Pan Let’s see It’s messy isn’t it I think it’s pretty sweet It reminds me of some sweet bread in Mexico Panaderia’s, bakeries But they didn’t serve it to you in school did they? No.. Three variations I have with the noodles Chicken meatball Meat sauce Curry My pick guys Curry right here for the win Curry was my favorite I don’t think that Japanese school kids eat this much food This was just a sampler You have an idea of what a Japanese student would eat Maybe over the course of a couple of days Different options But very very tasty Guys you have to try it If you come to Tokyo The food is actually very good And delicious You get full .. believe me Like Jon said.I don’t think they get all this food.. but it’s really good And yeah I will say it again Kids you are so lucky.. Alright Members of the Barrio For about 14 dollars, you can get that experience You do have to order off of the set menu to sit upstairs in the classroom But i’m telling you.. it’s worth it for nostalgic purposes
To feel like a Japanese kid for a day Very unique experience I’m going to leave information about this place down below If you want to visit.. when you’re in Tokyo I do want to encourage you all.. to like and subscribe if you are new to this channel Because we have got a lot more videos coming out From Japan Thank you so much for watching Until next time

  • Would you eat at this spot.. Be honest 🙂

  • Third 😛

    Japan is lovely <3 I have visited before, it was awesome! I honestly would not visit a school themed restaurant, there are way better themed restaurants out there in my opinion 🙂

    But I'm glad you enjoyed it !

  • Great video John!!!!!! It’s interesting how in 🇲🇽 you don’t get feed and in the 🇺🇸 you get about two lunches and a breakfast. 🇯🇵 school lunch looks amazing😮

  • Hope you visit the monster cafe, it’s a visual trip lol the entrance fee can be waived if you go to the tourism office in harijuku, they will give you a map and on the back they have the coupon. The tourism office is to the left of the entrance to the main street in harijuku closes at 6pm.

  • We would love to have lunch their mainly for the setting and that sugared bread and chicken meatballs soup.

  • Itadakimasu loosely means, "I humbly receive," but in a mealtime setting, it's compared to "Let's eat," "Bon appétit," or "Thanks for the food."

    Saying itadakimasu before a meal is a significant piece of Japanese etiquette, so it's important to learn how to do it right. Usually everyone will say the phrase together, but it's also normal for each person to say it individually as they begin eating.

    Performing itadakimasu before a meal is simple and has only four steps:

    Put your hands together
    Say "itadakimasu"
    Bow slightly
    Pick up your chopsticks and start eating

  • Buenos días a todos y a mi Adrianita y John pues se ve muy sabrosotodo todo lo que están comiendo buen provecho Dios me los bendiga hoy y siempre a todos un abrazo fuerte soy doña Vero como siempre presente!😁😊😉number 1 ok☺

  • I'd get anxiety sitting in a class room again, even if its just to eat there 😀 I've spend 15 years of my life in such rooms… ugh … I'm scarred for life. The food looks delicious, I LOVE asian food, especially ramen noodles… Japan would be heaven for me. MORE of that please!

  • Maybe for the novelty, but I'd rather go for a nice ¥900 ramen. Have you run into any of those hole-in-the-wall ramen restaurants? Way underrated. Itadakimasu! 😊

    Nice job, Jon. Keep 'em coming.

  • It was and is very interesting. It is a bit quirky. I am curious how food in Japan compares to Japanese food in the US? Is the US version "Americanized"? I think on the west coast we generally have some fairly authentic Asian food from different countries.

    Great video – Saludos

  • That restaurant looks so interesting! Kinda pricey there. There is a Taiwanese school themed restaurant near where I live, but the theme isn't as strong. I like the milk bottle! Oh hey, have you tried Mos Burger yet? that's my favorite in Japan!

  • Idk bout you but my school lunch was BOMB! Even the breakfasts from elementary school I can recall and glorious detail… 20-some years later. We should have this in Times Square! Put som Nintindo and gushers/fruit rolls/lunchables/capri suns there!

  • Wow, this video reminds me my school days about 15 – 20 years ago. Kyushoku system is one of my favorite Japanese cultures. Many elementary and junior high schools have adopted Kyushoku since World War II. Professional Nutritionists are planning well-balanced reasonable menus every month so kids can get used to the healthy diet even if their families are not so rich. Another good aspect is that children are learning teamwork through Kyushoku Toban (the duty of school lunch). Kids serve lunch for their classmates and clean dishes when they are assigned in the role.

    Also, when we said "Itadakimasu", we usually thank for the chefs, farmers, and foods.

    Various menus are prepared for children each day for health purposes but sometimes there are treats like Agepan or strawberry milk 🙂

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