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5 CRAZY Instagram Trends Tested! NataliesOutlet

hello there today’s video is inspired by Instagram, specifically Instagram [trends] you know you’ve seen those really crazy ones that you’ve just thought to yourself what on Earth that even work, so today I’m going to be testing the mom basically showing you guys a lot of really crazy ones that I’ve seen online that have Literally made my jaw drop and I’m like thumbs up if you relate to me and you’ve ever seen someone on instagram Try out something really crazy And you’re just like what the and if you also are interested in a little bit more Weirdness like an extra dose of weird stuff that you know you might see on the [internet] Make sure you check out these videos because it pretty much sums up the weirdness of what’s going on the [internet] Are you guys ready for the craziness? Let’s go first one is credited to Barbie guts on Instagram where he basically takes a knife to create a really awesome Sharp contour, oh, this is a sharp knife. I’m just gonna take the knife You are my friend right? I’m just [gonna] use some powder Benefit Hoola there’s more of a creative way of doing things if you’re just bored with your life then practical Putting a knife up to my face. It’s just weird good kind of digging it. I’m not gonna Lie okay I like it slicing my head off. Oh my God actually looks kind of good Don’t do this at home kids would I do it with [the] knife and if I’m feeling on the edge But I could do this with the card this next instagram hack or Instagram trend when I saw it my jaw literally dropped I was like what? Okay, so what this is is basically taking [your] hair straightening? And then with one of these you know one of these somebody just really gently goes like this That and it creates a straight line. [oh] of course. I’m not gonna do it on my hair I told my sister angel um can’t pay you you know could I could I really did pay my sister? She’s Gonna be using a wig one shot to [Jesus] So ariel is right here say hello ariel, so how do you use this thing for? So the guy the video actually used some [kind] of like brush, but I’m gonna use this ruler and [no] going back How many of you would actually let your hairstylist do this? Wow, oh, it’s working Bottom here, oh hey, I got there. I got Tada Clearly this is not as easy as it looks do I recommend it to someone that has never done this before [of] course Not we guys think All right, the next one is Cooking your face bake in your face We go and cook and bake on our faces is a drag queen technique and basically what it is is to really emphasize The areas [that] you want to look illuminated to really pop We’re going to use some of this and it’s baked alright So basically take your Damp beauty blender because on the day And you just want to go ham on this put a little on your chin I fear Those bullies are supposed to sit like this for like 10 to 15 minutes which seems like a long time All right, so once your makeup has sat like that for a few minute And you just take any kind of brush and basically just yeah, hey y’all fine This is my first time doing this and I am a dig in it. No hesitation here I will do this again right so the next one is something that you haven’t you’ve seen everywhere girl This is waste raining [though] supposedly this claims along with the Kardashians That’s gonna give you a really cute little waist and like a big pop in booty So my nationality is colombian so I know a lot of women that use this in Colombia And now I don’t know I’ve been seeing it more here recently. This is a normal Natalie, I’m supposed to go like this then swain in the Membrane from sweat in this video now [before] the video. Goodbye. Oh It’s crooked man you you definitely don’t eat that cheeseburger there is constriction and air with this It’s really great for posture if you’re trying to perfect that and make my back feel so good I got into a really bad [car] accident I actually have a discus dislocated and bulging out so that makes my back yielded It does not make my ribs filled in I said from personal experience I two times a wart for maybe two hours each so in total for four hours And my ribs here, I try to feel pain Let me know down below if you guys have a waist trainer if you try it out if you’re interested this one’s from Bombshell curves are nice and up [sent] it to me and Unfortunately [it] just wasn’t for me. It’s not for everyone right this next one I’m a little bit weirded out by because it’s using [hairspray] to set your face So basically you don’t want to buy some you know sudden spray use some hairspray It’s not I’m weird because every time I do this like I cover up my face because I don’t want to be on my face But this time, I’m [not] You know you don’t want to go overboard with it You just kind of want to put in a little bit of spray and wait five minutes would play you guys know what I think Actually doesn’t smell that bad it smell like I have some perfume on my face I don’t know how good this could be for your face I’m not [testing] it out for too long But you guys let me know like if you’ve tried this out does it make your makeup really last longer and has it ever made You break break out if you [enjoyed] this video Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also if you’re interested in all the really weird Bizarre hacks and trends that you’ve probably seen online don’t forget to check out these videos because I go In-depth on just a lot of really strange things that you’ve probably seen online you might enjoy it. Hey Don’t forget to subscribe to join the audis family the weirdest family on the internet, and hope you guys have a really amazing day Let’s go during migraine juice back

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