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25 MOST AFFORDABLE HONG KONG RESTAURANTS (Asian, Western, Michelin Dimsum) | Hong Kong Food Culture

Oh, you don’t like Chinese Food? What is up, awesome?! Geri here and today we’re gonna video blog about the food options you’ll find anywhere in Hong Kong. So without further ado, here’s the video. Have you ever wondered what Hong Kong has to offer
when it comes to food variety? Well, we’ve got you covered. Hong Kong is home to dim sum and the most
affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the world- Tim Ho Wan. The dim sum restaurant is famous for its crumbly
and fluffy barbecued pork buns— which is our favorite! They’re also known for its steamed chicken
feet, pork dumpling with shrimp, siomai, and many more. Hong Kong is also home to rice noodles, congee,
roasted duck, tofu, and egg waffles. But the question is: What if you don’t feel
like eating traditional Hong Kong food? Worry not because Hong Kong Food Culture is not just influenced by Cantonese cuisine but by British, Western, Japanese, and Southeast
Asian cuisines. Hong Kong’s food is a fusion of Eastern
and Western flavours which makes Hong Kong as the World’s Gourmet Paradise. Today we’re gonna show you some of the restaurants
you’ll find in Hong Kong

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