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Oha-konbanwa! It’s Seigo & Bren! And today, we CONTINUE to celebrate Seigo’s birthday! What’s the date today! It’s already February twenty…2nd? Yeah, it’s the 2nd, (and Seigo’s birthday was on the 4th!) And what are we doing today? So, I actually got a restaurant gift card from Bren’s mom! So today we are going to a restaurant called Red Lobster to use that gift card! Yeah! It’s one of my favorite restaurants! We went in Tennessee right? We did! I think it was your first birthday in the US. We went with my family. I think that’s the last time we went! It was! So it’s been 2 years! That’s right! So now let’s hit the road and go there for dinner! Let’s go!! It’s been a while since we last blogged outside in the states! Since coming back from Japan. So now we will introduce Red Lobster to you! Yeah! So, let’s go! We arrived at Red Lobster! B: Where is it? It’s right over there! I think they have RL in Japan too! B: I saw it at USJ It was outside the gates. I’m excited! It’s been so long! B: Let’s go in! Let’s go! (Don’t mind the tag on the scarf) My birthday present! Ah! The gift card! I forgot it It’s in the car B: Fail! I failed big time Can you… Tada! The is the gift card from Bren’s mom. It says here it can be used at Red Lobster So we will be using this today! Thank you, Mom! Love you! B: I wonder if we need to wait S: It’s ok if we do B: The parking lot is crowded S: Yeah S: But I think there’s a lot of seating! B: Your tag is sticking out! S: What?? Ah!! B: Please forget what you just saw There we go! I’m excited! The lobby is crowded with people waiting We are waiting for a table They sai about 40 minutes? That’s what they said Well, it’s a Saturday B: Yeah
S: It’s alright I think we will be called soon We’ve been waiting more than 20 minutes now It shouldn’t be long now We will just be more hungry for the meal! Not long now I’m excited! We got in after waiting for about a half hour! Ta da da da! Da da! I ordered this one. B: Looks good! S: I know! Doesn’t it look great? And Bren got… B: I got This! S: Does it look good? B: Yeah! They have all kinds of different seafood! And alcohol too It’s a little pricy, but it’s nice for birthdays or anniversaries We come here maybe once each year Not everyday B: Nope, not everyday 😂 We only go once in a while And since it’s in Japan… B: Do you think the menu is the same there? I wonder I want to ask someone who’s gone I can’t wait! And we have drinks! This one, is called Strawberry Shoreline B: Rum, strawberries… Well, it’s a strawberry cocktail I got a prickly pear margarita (Not sure how to pronounce “margarita” in Japanese) Are you sure that’s not Margherita, like the pizza? S: Not sure S: But I think the pizza is “marugeriita) Marugeriita? I don’t know, but it’s whichever one isn’t the pizza! S: That glass is bigger than your head! I know Want to toast? S: Sure S: Ready, Cheers! Mmm! Yum B: I like these biscuits They are good! I remember those But I don’t eat them cause I want to save room for the main course B: ReallY? B: They are too good not to eat! We can take some home The salad is good! So you call these biscuits? B: That’s right S: Here they are B: They are famous S: They are free, right? They are free, and you can get more for free too Mmm! B: What is that?! S: I have lobster, meat, mashed potatoes, and this is all lobster here too! S: What about you? B: I have shrimp pasta, and this shrimp…something…in the center, some fired shrimp, and some veggies! B: I’m sure I won’t be able to finish all this! Ok, let’s eat! Now for you Ready? Mmm! Scrumptious! Delicious! Meat! Mmm! Yum! Yeah, I like this place! B: Me too Let me film you too I already started eating This shrimp is really good, and so are th fired ones and I love the pasta sauce here The shrimp in the pasta is delicious too! Mmm! S: You used to come here with your grandfather too, right? That’s right, I used to come her with him He always got what I’m having now I love it too, cause it’s really delicious! (Now time for the main event!) How do I eat this? Do I peal it with my hands? Wow! This is butter here Dipping it Waitress: Is everything tasting good for you guys? S & B: Really good, thank you! It’s so good! This is a great birthday! B: Birthday continuation B: It’s been continuing for 2 weeks already! That’s right! B: Good for you! All thanks to your mom! (Seigo couldn’t get the take-out box to stay closed!) B: Can’t get it? It won’t close! See?? It pops back open! How do you do this? B: We has this happen before They said you start at the back like this S: Oh! See? S: You look smug! I didn’t mean to! S: Wow! How was it? It was delicious! It’s nice to do this now and then! B: We don’t do this everyday
S: Not every day! B: Should we head home? Let’s go! We are home! (Tadaima!) It was so good! Yeah! Did you die? Too much food? I ate too much! You ate so much! I did… You ate the whole thing! That huge portion! I ate it all Impressive I wasn’t able to finish the pasta I brought some home It’s good we can bring leftovers home It would be a waste if we couldn’t It was so good… Seigo’s birthday always continues like this That’s right! It lasts about a month! Yeah! He’ll say “But it’s my birthday month!!” Exactly! He uses it as an excuse But February is almost over! There’s 29 days in February this year, so one week of birthday month to go! April is my birthday month, and it’s coming up! Well you only get a day, so… I’m sad Just kidding! You can have it last as long as you wa- A year? Can I say “But I have a birthday this year!”? Oh no! You could! We actually went iceskating today before going to Red Lobster That’s right!! Maybe you saw our Instagram post? I’ll put a video here We posted on Insta and TikToK It was fun! It was both of our first times ever iceskating! But I think we… Well, we went with two friends We put on our skates, went onto the rink, and we all started out holding on to the wall like this But towards the end we were doing pretty well! We didn’t have to use the wall anymore We were doing good! I’m sure we didn’t look pretty or anything But we didn’t fall down at all!
B: NO we didn’t! I think that’s impressive! I want to go again sometime Me too! My feet hurt after a while, but still! Mine too I tires you out! But it was so fun! Yeah it was!! I didn’t really think I’d be able to do it! You were saying that!! I thought I’d have to hold onto the wall the whole time! You were worried But you did it!
B: But I did it No problem at all You were doing great too! I’m good at rollerblading, so I knew I could do it! I have roller-skated a few time before too It kind of felt similar to me It’s basically the same! When I first roller skated, I remember that I had to start along the wall, just like ice skating But after some time passed, I was able to do it So it’s similar to that I think they are similar You all should try it too! It’s a lot of fun! Very fun! Ok! Well, that’s all for this video! Yeah! If you thought the lobster looked good, leave a thumbs up! Please do! And please check out the video description for our SNS, blog, and TikTok! Too many things to check out! Well, please check them out anyway! Please do! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, if you haven’t already! Well, see you again in our next video! Bye bye!!

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