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ภาเพลินเดิน o2 kaffee & bistro EP 6 parplearn and o2 kaffee & bistro sub eng

No more ! I’m so tired. Hi everyone ! Welcome to my channel
“ParPlearn” The channel that you will enjoy
travelling with me. Today, I’m here… at O2, Nakornprathom. The atmosphere is so good. I’m here with my family today. It is my holiday again and I see there are boats. So, I’m going to try rowing a boat. Let’s go ! Wow! The view is so amazing. It’s feeling like
we are visitting coconut farm. The famous product here is coconut juice, and there’re boats here with a quay. This place is not too far from Bangkok.
It’s very easy to come here. You’ll relax when you come here.
It’s good atmosphere. Signature here is coconut. People said it’s so yummy. I must try it.
I haven’t eaten yet ! Here, I’m showing you a view
around first Aw ! See ! There’re rain dolls here. That’s why there’s no rain. Actually today, they said there’s a storm but they have rain dolls here.
That’s why there’s no rain. So, I think it never rains here !
right? lol Nah, I don’t think so.
😛 I”m ready now ! Let’s go ! How to hold this ? lol Oh! okay, thank you.
Like this ! Hey! I can do this !!! I’m genius, not kidding. lol “I’m so scared” (sister) “I’m more!!” (cameraman) Come on! It’s my first time. This is my first time. Like a virgin !
God, Why it’s not going anywhere.. Or I have to change my hand… See! I can do this, come on guys ! Why it goes around like circle.. How? [I am fishing at…] Don’t be scared!
You won’t fall… lol It’s not moving. It’s not moving ! Wait! I need something to help me.
lol [the boat is swaying !] – I’m Karaked in Thai Drama.
– Do another side… Why you have to order!
Row a boat by yourself! It doesn’t turn around. Okay I’ll go back there.
I come far just only here. I think I can’t row a boat
pass through that small way. If I can row
a boat pass through there… Wait ! Oh gosh… That boat is coming… They’re coming here, but we still…
How to do!!!?!! I make them in trouble.
T_T I shouldn’t row a boat.
T_T Aw, Like this!
Okay I can move a boat now… and we will see…
that I can row a boat pass through.. that way or not, because… If I can row a boat
pass through that way… Wait! why you row a boat backward ? Yeah! that’s what I’m doing. Even rowing a boat normally,
I can’t do it too. lol but now I’m doing backward.
lol It will turn soon. Wait! Wait! So now, I’m going to row a boat
pass through that way. – If I can do it!
– wait wait ! You have to row a boat forward.
It turns again. No more! I’m so tired. – row forward ? like this ?
– YES, that’s right. This is moving backward ! NO! this is to row forward. I think there must be 2 persons
to row a boat! Shit! I’m so exhausted. Aw! I can do it. I must win this challenge ! and now we’re passing this way. [You’re cheating] You didn’t tell me
that I can’t use my hand. lol Yeah !!! I’ve arm pain. Yeah !! So… My first time rowing a boat
is really fun. but a bit arm pain. 🙂 Exercise !!! Now, we’re with P’YingYong ! Hello! so, I would like you
to recommend… about the story of this place. Yes, sure. So, this farm… was builded for more than 40 years. before turning to
a tourist attraction, We have opened coconut farm
more than 12 years. – That’s why a lot of coconut trees..
– Then, my mom and dad is getting older… So, they couldn’t do
coconut farm anymore. So, we started to think
how can we do… to send all products we have
to customer directly and no need to sell products outside
the farm. So, food here will be very signature
and made from coconuts. Could you please recommend me?
what’s the signature here? What food will you recommend ? Please recommend for everyone
who see this clip video. Yes, so If I recommend here.. I’d recommend everything
about coconuts. The drink is coconut coffee. coconut chocolate, coconut green tea. coconut with butterfly pea,
coconut milk freppe. For food, I would recommend… coconut Tom Yum Goong,
coconut salad with shrimp. as for bakery menu,
I would recommend… coconut cake and santol icecream. So, today I have to say thank you
for the nice place… at O2, and really thank you P’YingYong.
for everything. So I’m gonna conclude everything at O2 here I come to enjoy views and everything It’s really nice here, very chill. If you feel so tired from work
in Bangkok you can come here for relaxing because the atmosphere here is chill and romantic. It’s good for couple
and family. It’s far from Rai Khing temple
around 2-3 km. If you come to Rai Khin temple,
don’t forget to come to O2. After make a merit,
then come here to relax ! Today is Saturday, It’s chill but
there are lots of people.. but they have a quiet big area because they have a rowing boat
program. and I just did my first rowing a boat ! It’s my first time and I was
really happy ! The owner here is so kind. Signature here is coconuts. If you love coconut,
you can’t miss this! because every menu like
coconut, or coconut green tea.. or coconut Tom Yum Goong… It’s all delicious. If you come here,
you must try all of this! personally, I really love coconut. So, I would love to
recoommend here ! O2, Nakornpratom !! Don’t forge to subscribe
“ParPlearn” Channel ! and don’t forget to
turn on notification, so you can catch up
with new video ! For the next episode,
which place I’m gonna take you with me? I’ll tell you next time ! That’s all for today !!! I’m going to enjoy
views and everything more..

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